Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Happening Again!

We've been home for less than two weeks and in that time we took off for Thanksgiving but without the trailer.  Today we went for a drive to check on our land in Allende and the conversation came up about Christmas.  The plan was to spend December here at home for the holidays but it appears that hasn't lasted long.  We have a family party on the 17th just after I return from a week in Baja.  We are now deciding if we want to go to our club in Montemorelos for a couple of days (Kevin and Ruth stayed there their last time down) and then take the rv to McAllen to visit friends who used to live here 20 years ago.  While we're there we can search for our place for a month stay in January.  It just appears we have more fun on the road and there are so many influences that keep you going; Kevin and Ruth, Croft and Norma, Colin and Contessa, Tioga and George and so many others we follow.   My feet start to itch.

We put the tree up this week, great to have all the lights already set on there.  Artificial for us is best.   I had to laugh the other day.   I have a dislike for taking down the tree, I think we both do.  But many years ago when we lived in Monterrey, we had a 10ft artificial tree with tons of lights and ornaments.  I loved Christmas in that house, in fact, I loved that house period.   We had a guy named Rafael who worked for us.  He did everything and did it well.  He also had a peculiar talent for the occult and did things that no one else could manage much less in a very short period of time.

One day as the holidays were coming to a close we went out shopping.  He must of overheard us talking about taking down the tree and what a pain in the butt it was.   We came home less than two hours later and it was as if the tree had never been there.  I swear the guy could twitch his nose and make things happen.   Some spooky stuff let me tell you but better told around a campfire with cocktails.

Tomorrow I'm off for Chihuahua at 6 a.m. and the weather there will be -4 C tomorrow night.   Arghhh.


  1. C'mon down to Hacienda Contreras for Christmas dinner on the 21st!

  2. No, no come on down to the Isla! I have already found 2 boondocking spots!