Saturday, December 10, 2011

Finishing Projects

I get crazy at the end of the year trying to complete what we started or wished to accomplish for the year.  We finished the remodel for the most part.  The house had all of the settling cracks repaired, the stucco covered with smooth plaster and the false ceilings put in the bedrooms.  The painters finished this week, sanding the plaster and painting a nice neutral color.   We still need the baseboards done and the door and frame done for the third bedroom which was added.   It was a bitch but it is done.  The tree I posted last week is up and the fireplace ready for action.   Pictures need to be re-hung and the house decorated with less of what we had up.   I want to buy some wood for a fire tomorrow night, it has been cold and drizzling since yesterday.

The VW Pointer needed new tires and got that done today after shopping around.  We'll see how sweet the deal is that we got as the year goes by.  It included all the usual; balance, mount, valve, alignment plus four year guarantee against everything except earthquakes :), free rotation every three months, plus checkup, etc.   I trust no one.

The gardner who helps me came for two days, trimming everything that could be trimmed, raked a ton of leaves, sweeping and hosing down.  The quinta looks pretty good and will need one more raking next week as leaves continue to fall but it looks like the end and the grass may need one more cut before the year is up. 

I didn't get the outside of the house cleaned yet.  I don't have a water pressure sprayer or whatever you call it in English, we call it by what I think is a brand name, Karcher.  The paint is in good shape but because the blocks are textured, dirt and dust settles on them and mud dabbers attempt to build small nests under the eaves.  The windows need a good washing too so maybe that will still get done.  Oh the joys of owning a home, arghhh.

The camera chip was cleaned so I am hoping to retrieve photos and begin posting pics again.   Croft, Kevin and Les keep posting about how great the sun is in other places and tempting us to want to abandon our trip to Texas and head to warmer places.  It might happen but not quite sure yet where or what we want to. 

My trip to Baja next week was unexpectedly canceled and boy was I pissed.  I had worked hard, planned my course only to be told at the last minute the airfare was too expensive.  Sure was, because the d-bags always wait until the last minute to book the flight and the fares are way too high.   Of course, the head hauncho has part of her bonus based on expenses but it only includes air tickets.  We can spend endlessly on five star hotels, meals and taxis and no one checks that stuff.   However, I am an external consultant so I have little say.  It was a big chunk of cash I was going to earn so it really has me p. o.'ed.  Just a short rant.  I doubt anyone from the company reads my blog and I could care less if they did.   I'm ready to change to a new publisher anyway.

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