Friday, December 16, 2011

Let's See, What Do I Want For Christmas?

As I get older I find myself becoming more selfish.  I used  to wish for world peace and have now discovered that this concept is a big business and I am not part of it.  I can't move the masses and the expression "mi granito de arena" (my little grain of sand) is pretty much that.

So this year I want BIG.  However, BIG doesn't require money or gifts.  I just want to spend time with people I like.  Not sure what Santa has in mind, although I am flexible.  In my mind, it would be cool to spend a couple of days in Queretaro and then Christmas in a small town in Jalisco.  A few towns come to mind but something close to a pueblo magico might be nice.  Hmmm, let's see what Santa brings.

(The reason I have this wild hair is because I'm sick of people sending me emails with photos of them waving to the camera on some beach somewhere, or in a colonial town.  People call me to say "hi, just to let you know we are here in "X" town having a ball, ha ha".   Blogs of eco-camping, boondocking, need I say more.  And the culprits all know who they are.  Not fair. Not fair.  Why am I at home installing electrical outlets?  Bummer. . . . .)


  1. Electrical outlets have their place but the weather is beautiful here in Queretaro! The RV park you recommended at the Hotel Flamingo Inn is fantastic as well. Very peaceful considering it is in the city!

  2. Hmm. Christmas near a Pueblo Magico in Jalisco.

    That's what we've got planned as well! :-)

  3. Come on down to the Isla, Santa will know where to find you here on the beach!

  4. Hmmm, it looks like we are having tamales for Christmas Eve in our new rec room. Does Santa have directions?