Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Back To Work - Well, Not Really


This is one of my favorite photos.  I think I have a hundred!

Okay, so where am I now.   We are in the middle of a family illness.  One of our nephews is very sick and death is imminent.  A sad story but one that will have an end.  Someday I will recount it.  Everyday is a roller coaster ride.  There is no turning back at this point even if miracles do exist.
I'm back to work so to speak.  I am teaching a certification course for this week.  My Texas seminars are starting to appear on the schedule so that is extra work and credits that go towards my social security in the U.S.
Speaking of social security, I will be giving up my private medical this next month and becoming part of the social system.  The price continues to increase and as age creeps up on me it will skyrocket.   I am also eligible for ACA in the U.S. based on my U.S./Mexico income so that will also be an option until Medicare kicks in.
I will also be receiving a pension from Mexico.  Although I have worked independently over the years, there were periods where I was an employee and paid into the system.  I am short quite a bit but the beauty of the Mexican system allows you to pay up in the last five years prior to retirement, building your account and also supporting the system at the same time.  To reactivate my account, I need to be an employee in a company for at least one year.  The school where I work/volunteer has offered to take me on as an employee and I will continue to work independently.  No time commitments either.  I work the hours I want and they pay me my consulting fee.  I will receive the medical insurance, Christmas bonus, profit sharing (private school) and Infonivit points (government housing loan, if not used, at retirement they pay out the account) plus more.   This is a real boost for me.  After one year, I will resign and then be able to sign up for insurance independently.
The money I earn in Texas will be paid into my SS account in Mexico and increase my final benefit.  I also have the Afores or Mexican 401K I pay into.  This is really working out but no check from either side until I am 62.  Well, that's life. 
The weather continues to hit 38C daily.  We hunker down in the bedroom in the late afternoon with the air on.  Nice.  The pool is getting back in shape and the deck will be patched and painted this weekend. 
That's about it for now.  


  1. Sorry to read of your nephew. Seems otherwise life is back as expected.

  2. Sad situation about your nephew. Sending you both thoughts of strength to get thru this difficult time.

    What a great system you have in place for your future retirement. You'd never find a job here that would hire you on those terms for one year just to get your ducks in a row.

  3. Condolences on your nephew's illness. So sorry to hear but you are there to spend time
    in his final days.
    Great pension/work plans.
    Enjoy the heat (no way!) I can't stand it either and especially the humidity.