Sunday, August 31, 2014

Up Early!

 I woke up before 5 a.m. and tried to go back to sleep but I started thinking about all the things I wanted to get done.  I had a few cups of coffee, read my Rv.Travel Newsletter and decided to get started.  I actually washed the trailer before breakfast so the pictures are reversed.   The trailer was filthy even though I had given it a good bath when we came home from our trip.   I've been cutting back on food the last three weeks along with exercise and have dropped a couple of pounds.  Today was a "free" day so Juan fixed a big breakfast.

Need the breakfast of champions to get the day started along with the Sunday paper!

 Washed and ready to be waxed.  Tomorrow I'll start on that.

I finished the door after a second sanding and another coat of paint.  The paint isn't a match but I had bought it for another project.  Most of it will be covered with the flat screen anyway.

An update on the oil spill.  I'm not a genie or a guru but I have learned a lot about the media here as well as the culture.  I knew something was behind all of this and it came out Friday night.   It wasn't an accidental oil spill.  Someone or a group attempted to tap the line thinking it was gasoline (we call it ordeñando or milking).  Turns out it was a crude oil shipping pipe.  They also think that this may have been going on for some time and the crude was being used in clandestine brick production somewhere.

This has been going on and the fuel is normally sold to small oil companies in Texas and Georgia.  Several of those companies have been caught and the owners sentenced to prison.   So now an investigation is going on to see if any of these ejidetarios are involved and have caused this disaster which by the way has been 90% cleaned up, the oil is off of the water. Pemex now claims to be a victim as the were robbed.  Here goes the merry-go-round.


  1. Yikes. What a circus with the oil spill. Breakfast looked great!

  2. I love Juan's breakfasts! Nice job on the door.