Monday, August 4, 2014

It Was A Trip Of A Lifetime!

Wow, I can't believe I haven't posted on the blog for a week.   San Antonio was mentally exhausting.  We took off last Thursday planning on a leisurely trip to Laredo for a night at Casa Blanca State Park.  As we headed down the I-35S I turned to Juan and said, "let's make a run for it".  He agreed.  We had checked two other rv parks in the Laredo area and neither have wifi.  One park wanted $45 for the night without wifi.  Casa Blanca has wifi but only at the office which is a drive around the lake.  Better to go home.  We stopped and dumped at the Flying J.  Thanks to Juan we only paid $3 instead of $10.   He went in to pay and the woman said, "honey, you don't have a Flying J card?"  He said no and she whipped one out.  Thanks for the discount Flying J.
We got to the bridge and ICE had taken another break.  We never see them anymore.  I guess they are assisting the weapons crossings, I can't think of any other reason.   We crossed the bridge and were stopped by inspection.  The agent said "Esta chida la casa remolque" (this is a pretty cool trailer).   Off we went.  At the 26th Km they checked the pedimento for the serial numbers and off we went.
Get this.  It has been hotter than Hades here in South Texas for the last two weeks.  In San Antonio it was 103F everyday at the house.  We took the libre home and the drive was amazing.  Great asphalt, good stops along the way and friendly people.  However, as we crossed Mamulique, the mountain pass, the temps rose to 120F for over 30 minutes.   When we got home it was 104C.   Incredible.  Maybe we should have stayed in Canada another month.
All is well on the home front and the cats went nuts as we opened the gates.  Juan had to keep them out of the way as I backed in the trailer.  Needless to say, we jumped in the house, turned on the a/c in the bedroom and all four of us had a nice long nap.  The cats snored for two hours.   I think they're happy we are home now. 
We have a lot of folks to thank for our great adventure and I also want to post the highlights of our trip not to mention the pros and cons.   We did it, and we ended up covering a total of 10,000 miles without driving to Nova Scotia. 
My goal is to post all of that info in the next few days.  Sorry for not posting sooner but after San Antonio and getting home, I literally sank in bed all weekend.  Never left the house.  Today was a productive day; house cleaning, preparing for some work I just received and I hope to return to the gym tomorrow.  Moooo!


  1. I kinda figured you were just heading for the home stretch. We typically take a full month to drive from the Canada border to the Mexico border. Too much to see along the way! But I guess you were just ready to get home.

    1. It was more about the heat. Cincinnati was tolerable. The rv park there was the best we have ever seen especially for the price. We could spend time there. After Cincinnati, the heat was unbearable. Forget boodocking. Also, Juan had that appointment in Arkansas, and that was another hot spot.

  2. Welcome home...
    It was nice to travel along with you guys.


  3. "there's no place like home!" - Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz.

    We will patiently wait for the details.

  4. congratulations your first food free blog!!!!!!welcome home I will be doing the same thing Saturday cheers les

  5. Now back home you can take it easy, you sure had a great tour!

  6. What a great welcome from the felines and Mexico in general. Looking forward to your recap.

  7. Glad you're safely home....been missing your posts!!!!!

  8. Wow it went from 120F to 104C. :-)