Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fayetteville, Arkansas - Home of Walmart

We've been in Fayetteville for two days and are now heading to Dallas.   Best day of the year to travel, it will be over 103F along our route!  We will leave by 8 a.m. in hopes we get to Dallas before we melt.  
Juan had the opportunity to speak to a group of teachers from Iraq and Mexico who are in the Fulbright program here in Arkansas.  We met with our friend Leyla who is the director of the program and we had a lovely dinner with a group of friends and then drinks at her house she shares with her partner Kirk.
Yesterday I did laundry while Juan was at the university and attempted to find a new water intake for the rv.   It is getting worn out and water is dripping at a greater rate.   We are using the water tank instead until it's fixed.  We will be in San Antonio and there is a great rv store near our house.  If your ever there, stop by the Texas Rv Supply on Austin Highway.
After a wonderful nap, we headed out to Crystal Bridges.   This is an outdoor park with trails and an incredible art gallery, architecture, restaurant, guest services, and most of all, it's free all the time.  Saturday night Wire and Wood will be playing, too bad we can't stay.  I won't say much more about it as the pictures tell the story.  The interesting part is that this arts center was paid for by the Walton family.   Walmart has its critics although we all shop and rv in their parking lots across the Americas.  
Bentonville is the actual home of Walmart and it is amazing how many companies have moved to the area.   Suppliers, providers, builders, finance, the list goes on.  With have come jobs, new housing, well you get the idea.  Evil Walmart must have an ulterior motive.   But I don't need to go on. 
Turned out to be a fun afternoon and if it weren't for the Waltons we wouldn't have enjoyed such a wonderful day.


  1. Who knew? Crystal Bridges sounds lovely. Hope Juan got want he needed in AR. Dallas already! What a trip you have had.

  2. I'm visiting family in Ohio and finally have good internet... getting caught up. Disappointed that y'all didn't make it to Caribou, Maine... but know we'll catch up again one of these days.

  3. Enjoying your travels and wondered HOW MANY black t-shirts you own?

    1. I would say about 15 t shirts. But, after this trip, I think I'm ready to come out of my dark period. No guarantees though!

  4. Navy blue would be another choice-matching your blue eyes...