Friday, July 4, 2014

Goodbye Toronto - Hello Perth!

We left Toronto this morning and made our way to Perth.  We are at David and Marina's house.  It was easy to find and is a hidden paradise. 

David is preparing salmon on the grill and we are drinking margaritas.  Dave went out and picked our veggies for the salad from their organic garden. 

I will post tomorrow, lots to tell and see.   We arrived here at 4:30 this afternoon so we are a bit pooped.  More later.


  1. Say hi to them from us! Perth is a nice little town.

  2. Nice to see you enjoyed Toronto. It could go either way. Folks are mostly friendly. Possibly everyone is still in a good mood after Pride Week. That always seems to lift everyone's spirits.
    Enjoy your time in Perth. My wife's former company has a plant in Perth, so we've been there for a night or two. Not too much going on, so it's a huge contrast to Toronto.

  3. Don't forget to have some poutine while you're in Quebec. It's wonderful.
    Elaine in BC