Thursday, July 24, 2014

Another Family Visit - Kansas City

Spent Tuesday night in St. Charles, Mo.   The weather was so hot and humid we had to use the A/C.  We found a county park that was reasonable and also gave us a great place to take a morning walk.  We had some leftover pizza in the freezer with a fresh salad for dinner.
We headed out for Kansas City.  I have been closely tied to the news this last week reading the newspapers, online as well as NPR.   What a mess that is going on in Isreal.   It appears the U.S. sides with Isreal as they have nuclear weapons and they are pointed at the U.S. enemies.   The Palestinians have nothing so they are not a concern to anyone.   Israel continues to chip away at Palestine and this will end in a few weeks when people get tired.   It will pick up again in about three years as the underlying issue of territory will never be resolved.   Isreal will continue to take more and more pissing off Hamas.  Why does Hamas exist?  Hmm, I wonder!
Also, China has made strong relations with Venezuela and Argentina preying on their failing governments and economies.   The U.S. could have made some headway into the Americas to improve the continent of the Americas instead of worrying about everyone else's problems in the Middle East.   Build a strong country, neighbors, and then a continent before butting into other countries issues.   Central America is the mess it is because of U.S. intervention over the years and the installation of dictators.   Countries like Mexico get left holding the bag.
Anyway, here we are with my oldest nephew Patrick and his lovely partner Virginia.  Patrick is a professor at the university and Virginia is a registered nurse.  Their son Nick is 12 and enjoying summer.  They head to Germany next week for the rest of the summer.
Today, Thursday morning, we are heading out to Denny's for breakfast before heading to Fayetteville, AR. where we will meet with people from Washington D.C. for a meeting.   Juan will solicit their help with his PhD.

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  1. More family and more fun! Good luck to Juan in AR and continued safe and happy trails to both of you. Your room is all ready for your return. :-)