Monday, July 14, 2014

Fiesta Mexicana - Nova Scotia

Sunday came and went way too fast.  We started out with a great breakfast and then started to prepare for the party.  Mystery guest pending, we worked through the morning hanging party lanterns, banners, papel picado, setting up the dining room for the big feast just to name a few things. Paula is a real party planner and did a fantastic job.   We settled down for a short nap before the party but I couldn't really nap thinking about the mystery guest.
Jerry and Paula's daughter Jill and her husband Andrew arrived at 2 p.m. along with the mystery guest.  Big surprise, a friend of Jill's (daughter) works with a woman from Leon, Guanajuato here in Nova Scotia.  Karin was us to meet some Mexicans just as much as we were to know her, the mystery guest.  We talked up a storm all day switching from English to Spanish.  It was a great surprise.
Later, Terry and Nancy came by.   We met them in La Siesta quite a few years ago in the New Year's party to beat all.  That was the party where, "what happened in San Miguel de Allende" stayed in SMA.   It was great to see them along with their newly acquired motorhome.   We were expecting Bill and Gale but they weren't able to make it as Gale had been sick and was taken to the doctor.  
We had drinks out by the pool, the girls went for a swim and we talked about everything under the sun.   Snacks came pouring out of the house.  Nancy made some really great humus, Paula a mean taco dip which was a meal in itself, and Jill and Karin put together a long awaited treat, homemade guacamole.
Dinner time rolled around and the cooks began to take over the kitchen.  Jerry had prepared his famous enchiladas the day before and he was keeping a watchful eye over them as they were being baked in the oven.   Juan had made a huge put of beans for refrieds and was busy working on them while I made some Mexican rice. Dinner  was a success as the wine flowed around the table.   We spent a couple of hours in the dining room finishing up with a great dessert Paula had prepared. 
Off we headed for the fire pit where Jerry had put together a flamer.   He used Sal's technique for creating a color fire and we pulled out the bottle of tequila we had been saving for the party.   I think we finished it sipping it slowly of course.
In the end, it was the best fiesta we have ever had and the best one that will ever take place in the great land of Nova Scotia. 


  1. What's a flamer? How do you make it?

    1. Sorry about that, I was referring to the fire. Jerry made a big one! Miss you guys!

  2. Sounds like a fun Fiesta and in Nova Scotia too, who woulda thought?

  3. What a great day, too bad we couldn't have been their to join in on all the fun! Paula definitely knows how to put on a fiesta!

  4. Way too much food boys!!!! What a day to remember cheers les

  5. Us people on the West Coast miss you peoples on the East Coast!!!! Nothing like a fiesta at Casa Gale-ita!!

  6. Chris neglected to mention that he and Juan were great helpers preparing for the fiesta and not just in the cooking department. They hung decorations and flew around just as much as Jer and I did. I'm going to hire them for the next one we have. :-) Thanks guys! You made the gathering extra special for everyone. (Thanks for the kind words Ruth and Nancy & Doug! Sorry you couldn't join us.)