Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Quick Tour of Cincinnati


It has been a real whirlwind here in Cincinnati.  We are staying at a park right in the middle of town, Winton Woods.  The park gets our five star review.   It sits on a lake, the sites are spacious and far apart, the wifi is fantastic and the price is right at $27.    The weather has been hot and muggy and we have used the A/C twice for an hour in the afternoon during nap time.
We decided to take a trip downtown to the Carew Building which was built in 1929, wow that was the year my dad graduated from high school!   It had fallen into disrepair during the eighties and underwent a complete restoration.   As you can see from the pictures, the building is art deco and the designs and workmanship are truly incredible.

From the observatory you can see all of the city.   This was the largest building in the Midwest for many years at 49 stories.   We took lots of pictures from atop the building and from the view we picked out one more we wanted to walk to.  We counted the blocks from below and headed down the elevator.
There is a lot of things to see in a big city but Cincinnati is a pretty easy place to move around although they have the corner on public parking fees.   Meters are set at 10, 20 and 30 minutes around town so you can't park on the street and expect to go anywhere. 
The building we found used to be the Inquirer building which now houses offices for Hamilton County.  I don't think they realize what a jewel they have it is now falling into disrepair and could use a restoration.   But the U.S. is suffering from funding cuts in education, housing and infrastructure due to military expenditures.
The light fixtures, ceiling panels, radiator covers and heating vents were not stamped off of a press and a million were made to use in buildings all over the world.  This is true workmanship that we won't see anymore.  We need to preserve it.
We wanted to visit the famous Cincinnati Art Museum but it is closed on Mondays.   We headed back for a rest before getting together with my Cincinnati family for a BBQ and drinks.  We had a ball as you can see from the pictures.  There are some family members missing because of work and soccer practice.  A good bunch though and we wish they would come visit in Mexico.
Just the Cincinnati clan, I have nine siblings so the family totals close to 100 from my mom and dad. 
Last but no least, the odd and the weird of my life.  I chose the $999 model.  The cheaper model was $499 but what the heck.  You only die once!


  1. Cool city and cool coffin: why not?? If you don't want it, it'll be a great patio buffet table.
    Of course, with matching silverware...

  2. The one time we were in Cincinnati, we never made it to downtown! We were staying with a couchsurfer host on the outskirts and she offered to take us downtown. We were on our way there when a car crashed into us, and so we never made it! So, thanks for the tour!

  3. 100! Chris are you sure your family is not part Mexican? You almost have as many relatives as Sal does, eh? He had 14 total in his sibling count... Miss you guys, take care.

  4. Nice tour of the city and great you got to visit your family again.

  5. I agree, those buildings need to be preserved, how sad. Love that you got to see your brother and the family, worth the trip alone. Happy you are still having a great road trip but sad that it is nearing the end. We all love sharing your adventures.