Saturday, July 12, 2014

Getting Ready For The Fiesta

An excerpt from Evangeline.

Thus, at peace with God and the world, the farmer of Grand-Pré
Lived on his sunny farm, and Evangeline governed his household.
Many a youth, as he knelt in the church and opened his missal,
Fixed his eyes upon her, as the saint of his deepest devotion;
Happy was he who might touch her hand or the hem of her garment!

I've gotten over the anxiety of the "mystery guest".   Patience is a virtue and I am virtuous person!  I didn't post pics yesterday of our first evening with Jerry and Paula because I ran out of battery and it was getting convoluted.  

I could go back and read what I posted yesterday but I'm not so if I repeat a few things, mea culpa.   Yesterday we got up early and had coffee.  These guys have a very guest friendly house and it is truly beautiful.   We feel very much at home here and would love to boot them out and take over.  I'm working on that but don't want to make enemies.  (just kidding)  :)  Afterall, they are fun to be with. 

Things need to be done for the party so we took off for the liquor store, grocery and also the farmer's market.   Just like in other parts of Canada, the farmer's market is great.   Truly homegrown foods and almost always organic.   You can 't beat that. 

Being a small town Jerry ran into many people he knows as we went through the Sobey's.   When we first saw a Sobey's in Langley, BC we thought it was a department store.   I couldn't see the "B" in the name, I thought it was an "L" like Foleys department store in Texas.   Then we learned and yesterday was another first visiting a Sobey's.  
After a great afternoon nap we received a visit from Pat and her granddaughter Dylan.   Pat is a teacher who worked with Paula in elementary.  Dylan is visiting for a week and they came over for a dip in the pool, a chat and then off to the drive-in movies.

 El mandilón!
El mandió

We started dinner and it was another award winner.   Jerry fixed scallops on the grill and a delicious farm fresh salad with a great bottle of white wine.    We talked at the table for quite a bit and had strawberries and shortcake before hitting the hay.  

Today is the big day for the Fiesta Mexicana!  Juan made a pot of beans and I will be making the rice along with Jerry's enchiladas and all the goodies Paula has planned and prepared.  It will be a full house.  Tomorrow we will visit Justin and Lyndsey nearby.


  1. that is it I am not reading your blog any more!!!!!!!The strawberry shortcake did it!!!!!

    Have a great Fiesta chers les

  2. So much tasty food, makes me hungry.

    1. George, when we get home, there are going to be some hunger-filled nights as we find a way to reduce the extra inch and half that my stomach as expanded. Everyone has really treated us well in all ways especially the foods department!

  3. Well, we are going to have to start planning now for your next visit! Paula and Jerry are setting the bar very high!

  4. This is, indeed, a wonderful home to stay in but it is the people that are the BEST!! Through your visit there, Doug & I have relived all the fun we had with Paula & Jerry. You will not possibly find any other people who are more proud of their home province than Paula & Jerry. We carried some of that Nova Scotia pride home with us, it never leaves you. We are certain that, by now, you have been introduced to Dave Gunning, a true Canadian treasure too!! If not, ask Jerry to play some for you...

    Enjoy the fiesta and enjoy the visit with Lindsey & Justin's. You will have to make a trip to the winery just over the hill and be sure to get a picture of the phone booth!!

    Wish we could have met you!!

    1. We went to the phone booth yesterday and took a pic. Today, just a little over an hour ago, Jerry played "shoveling coal" by Dave Gunning. :)