Friday, July 11, 2014

The Rest of Perth To Nova Scotia

On Wednesday Marina took us to the FieldWork.  It is an art display in the middle of a farm field.  It's a collective project started with a grant received by David and Marina's friend Susie.   Everyone participates in by introducing a project as well as the maintenance and upkeep of the field.  It was a wonderful walk especially through the pine forest which is a bit surreal and reminds me of the forest where the Tin Man lives in the Wizard of Oz.
After, we went visiting.  We stopped by to see Susie who was at work in her studio producing pottery.  She has quite a place and apart from her studio with kiln they  have a lovely home and a huge farm.  Big into gardening in the area, everyone has a home garden that supplies food during the summer.  David and Marina have one too and we have been eating from it daily.  It is a real treat and puts us to shame as we have no excuse for not growing things even when we are not at home having a gardner available to help us.
Susie's studio.  Not sure why we didn't get a pick of this lovely artist.
We said our goodbyes to Susie and invited them to stop by the house in Mexico. (Susie and Cam, he came with David this year before meeting up with Marina).  We met Sylvia at the farm party you saw the other day.  They too are Mexico travelers.  Very nice to see so many Canadians love Mexico.   Sylvia runs a nursery and raises flowers that she sells making bouquets for weddings, graduations and parties.  It is quite a production and the day we were there they had just erected and started up their new cold box for keeping the flowers fresh.
Sylvia frantically planting seeds for the short growing season.
As we were talking here came her husband Frank.  He was at the party last weekend too but he was playing in the band so we didn't get to meet or chat.  Frank is an artist and does wonderful watercolors and prints, many of his adventures into Mexico.  This area is full of artists and Marina says there is a tour that takes you to visit the artists in their studios where you can also purchase their works.  Pretty cool.
Dave and Juan preparing the pizza dough for toppings.
Wednesday night we had pizza, homemade pizza on the grill.  To die for.  These guys really know how to eat.  Cam stopped by and we got into chatting again but we all had to go as we were to be up by 4:00 a.m. to head out for the airport in Ottawa.  
Voila!  Hats off to the chef.
Woke up to a dead solar system, the batteries were below half and we had to shut everything down including the refrigerator.  I felt bad, but we left David and Marina a message asking if they could store our cold foods which we had bagged and left inside the door for them to take care of.
We arrived at the airport at 6:30 with plenty of time to spare.  And guess what?  I had my first Tim Hortons coffee but no picture.  It was good, nothing bad about it.   I'm not a picky drinker and find a McCafe good coffee as well.
On board our first flight it was a small late 50s prop to Montreal.  Language changed immediately once we were in the air and it was French all the way to Nova Scotia.  Juan got plenty of practice.   On arrival, there they were, Jerry and Paula waiting for us waving from down below.   We hit the road and made a stop to see Evangeline, the woman from the poem by Longfellow. 
We arrived to their house which is a storybook place.  Beautiful, and again Canadians take such pride in their home and surroundings.   We all went down for a nap and then it was happy hour out on the deck.   From there, Paula had made chowder.  No no no, it was the best we have ever eaten.  Fresh scallops, lobster, fish and more.   So good I had a second bowl!  Couldn't resist.  
It was an early evening as they had a big day too getting up at 3 a.m. taking Wendy to the airport and then hanging around for us.  Remember what we say about being guests, "guests are like fish, after three days they start to stink".   Look what Jerry plopped down beside me first thing this morning.  Hmm, we will be here until the 17th.  P U!


  1. Enjoy the east coast! Make sure you all go visit Lindsey and family, she's looking forward to seeing you again!

    1. Done! We are going over on Sunday for dinner at 4 p.m.

  2. Now we are jealous! Paula and Jerry get you longer than we did! Have fun and eat lots of that east coast cooking!

    1. We'll see you this winter though. Remember the "fish" :)

  3. Love the east coast too, have too much fun there as I know you will.

  4. did that Paula put you up to writing about what you ate...cruel?????????????Les

  5. If the smell gets too bad, we'll toss you out on the deck to sleep. No big deal! :-) Seriously, though, you guys are terrific and it's such a treat to have you here. It's all good!