Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Our Last Two Days in Norfolk County


Sunday was a down day.  We started out with a late breakfast in downtown Simcoe.  It is a Portugues restaurant and the food was fabulous.  We ordered the special; two eggs over easy, two maple sausages, Canadian bacon, potatoes and marbled rye toast.   The company of course was great and we drove a bit around the area.
                                    No Mexico flag with us, but proud to hold a Canadian flag.
Back home the game between Mexico and Netherlands had just started and we had the big screen in the tv room to watch the event on.   It was crazy with excitement and I posted updates on Facebook as the game went on.  After Mexico scored the first goal I was confident that we could win.  I said they should just stay at 1-0 and keep the ball away from Netherlands.   Didn’t happen.  Netherlands scored and it was tied only to give Mexico a penalty making it easy for Netherlands to score.  Disappointment.
                                            Watching the sunset from the front of the house. 
We took a nice nap in the rv and then had another great dinner.  We ate inside as the weather had turned and we had quite a downpour.   Mike fixed ribs on the grill with Pat’s special sauce.  Wonderful, served with a great rice and bean salad.  
We sat out front and watched the sunset as we chatted away about everything until 10:45.  Off to bed.  Today we are heading out for another tour.
Continuing on from Sunday we got up and had a bowl of cereal and headed out for a drive to a First Nation's museum and Mohawk residential school.  The drive was great and Brantwood is a big town. 
As we entered the museum we were fascinated by the amount of artifacts that were on display and the story told as the traders made their way into Canada.   Mike has a large collection of artifacts which I may have told you he has collected since he was a kid.   The story of Brant and the cemetery nearby which has tombstones dating back to the 1700s.   Imagine life back then.  
At the residency school we entered the library and the director gave us a short lecture on what had taken place the previous 100 years at the school and the abuses that the native students suffered at the hands of the whites.   Kind of awful and a bit scary as we made our way into the basement of the school.  Reminded me a lot of the movie The Shining.
We stopped in Brantwood and Simcoe to buy wine and steaks for dinner.   These guys know how to cook and put out a great spreads.   Shrimp cocktail, Cesar salad, asparagus, and of course the steaks which Mike grilled for us.   We ate outside as the weather has been the best since we left Cabri, SK. 
Again we sat out front and saw a spectacular sunset and talked up a storm.   It was the close to a great day.   Today we have a site booked at Indian Line Campground for three days to tour Toronto and prepare for our stay in Perth.


  1. I think you are right......the trip is now labelled "How I ate my way through Canada & the USA and who I did it with" . Happy for you both that you are obviously having a marvelous time. NIce to have you in Canada for the big celebration today.

  2. Too bad you couldn't have made it to Ottawa in time for Canada Day. Maybe you'll find a good regional celebration happening where you are today.

  3. I'm not much od a soccer fan, but being of Dutch origin I am happy for the Netherlands. Did not watch the game, but the overall opinion is the Mexico was robbed. Sorry to hear.

    Enjoy all the marvels of Ontario.

  4. Welcome to Canada, and glad you are enjoying some good food and great company.
    Enjoy Toronto.

    1. If you get a chance St. Jacobs Market is a nice place to visit, thursday and saturday.