Sunday, July 20, 2014

Big Day Today

We spent the night in Lebanon, Oh last night.   I think I posted about the park last night.   Not a big fan but it was what we needed to do.  We got the rv cleaned up and ready to go to Cincinnati.  Turns out, the park was a good idea.  I found a Funfinder just like ours.  They only made 35 of them in 2008.  Looks like we got a winner.  The owner said the factory had to replace the complete roof, it leaked like a sieve from day one. 

So now the big surprise!   I couldn't say anything because some of my nieces and nephews have been reading the blog.  I didn't know that but had suspicions.   We arrived to Cincinnati in time for the final day of the Schutzenfest at the Kopling Society.   My oldest brother Bob and his wife Barb are members and were working and festing at the event.   They were surprised to see us pop up all of a sudden.   You know I'm a sentimental guy and it was a big day for me seeing my oldest brother.  He's a good guy and well-known throughout the organization.  It was hard to talk with him because everyone else wanted to talk to him too!  He introduced us to everyone he came across.  
My brother and his wife have three kids; two girls and a boy.   All grown up with kids of their own and one in her second year of the university.   They all showed up too and were working the booths.   A truly united family.   My niece Christine who lives in Cincinnati was there too!   We will all be together Monday at my brother's house for dinner and drinks.
Big brother!
Nieces and nephew Lisa, Mike, Anna, Christine, great nieces Savannah and Kennidy.
 Bob leading the parade!
A big day for me and too much to tell but it was a big surprise!


  1. Family time is oh, so special. Great pictures, Chris, and I'm sure great memories were made, as well. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your family.

  2. Love the lederhosen! You would look good in them!

  3. What a great reunion! Have fun and enjoy your family time!! Safe trip home too.

  4. What a great time, nothing quite like a German Festival, good food, food beer and good friends especially the family time.

  5. Bet they were surprised to see you and just as happy as you were to see them. Have a great time with them.

  6. Looks like fun! This trip will give you plenty of memories for years to come!