Sunday, July 6, 2014

You're Probably Wondering - About Perth


Yesterday was a pretty busy day here in Perth.  We got up early, and checked our emails.  The wifi here is really good.  It should be, David and Marina have a 10 meter high tower attached to the house.  They are outside of town in the country on a huge 32 acre spread.  They own a landscaping business and have lots of equipment, greenhouse and wonderful garden too.

We headed to downtown yesterday for a walk through the park and a stop at the Saturday farmer's market.   Lots of stands and good eats.   Apart from veggies, eggs, cheeses, and fruits there was a huge assortment of baked goods as well.  We had already eaten breakfast at home but Juan had a huge sugar-free oatmeal cookie.   No pic of the cookie, it got eaten.

It was hard moving around the area because David and Marina are well-known in Perth.  So every couple of meters or so, someone would stop them to say hello.   We met a Mexican who was visiting Perth.  He was a friend of a friend of David and Marina's daughter.  He had lived in the U.S. and then moved to Canada and was working in Ottawa.   He is originally from Chihuahua.   We did some shopping at both the grocery and wine shop.

Another "world's biggest" is the largest cheese every at 22,000 pounds sent to the Chicago World's Fair!
We saw the sights downtown and visited some galleries with works of local artists whom we all saw later in the day.  Back home, we took a short nap, met their son and his girlfriend who came by before heading to their cabin at the lake.
One of many original stone homes Perth is well-known for.  As you can see, the owner is working in his yard.  This is one thing we took notice of when we entered Canada.  Canadians take great pride in their homes, yards and gardens.  It appears that no matter what economic level, people are out tending, repairing and painting their homes.  
Last night we were invited to a party on a farm.  An incredible party by the way as you can see from the pictures.  Big tents, everyone brought a covered dish.   I made Juan's famous green bean casserole with new potatoes, mushrooms and bacon.  It was yummy and I have to brag it was the first to go!   We met tons of people, saw Cam and his partner Susie.   Cam had been down with David earlier in the year. 

Our wonderful hosts David and Marina enjoying the live entertainement.

 There is a small lake on the property and David had done the landscaping.   Apart from cocktails, dinner and wine, there was also live entertainment.  


Many of the people we met last night go to Mexico every winter or have been to many places in our country.  It was a good time had by all.


  1. I am so enjoying following you on your travels. How I envy you! However you can't tell us about the yummy green bean casserole without giving us the recipe! Please? And thank you!

  2. Looks like you're having a terrific time in Perth. Please give our best to Marina and David.