Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sunday - A Look At Nova Scotia (Home of the BlueNosers)


Trying to catch up here and only two days behind.   We're here at home at the Gale house for down time.  There are heavy rains and they started last night.   We were all pretty much pooped from the active weekend so the day has flown by. 
Sunday we took a drive up to the lookout to see the Bay of Fundy.  What a sight!  We walked across the street for one of the best ice creams ever.  
After that we drove down to Hall's Harbor.   What a treat especially seeing a sight most will never know.  Hall's Harbor has the world's highest and lowest tides.   We actually saw the tides rise to over 34 feet and after a return in the evening after dinner we saw the tide completely out.   Truly an amazing site.  There is a PVC marker that shows the tide levels.

It was a lovely drive through the countryside with Jerry and Paula.   We headed to Justin and Lindsey's house for dinner.  Lindsey, as you remember, is Kevin and Ruth's daughter.   Cameron and Sadie were happy to see us and we chatted for quite awhile about what we had done since we last saw them in Cabri, Saskatchewan. 
Again, everyone has something special to share with us.   Justin and Lindsey live across the river from the Lockett winery.   We drove over to the winery and took advantage of a tasting.   We ordered a flight of five different wines, each of us choosing one.   Not only was it fun but our server explained each wine and it was great to know that we all pretty much have the same taste in wines.
From there, we returned to the Corkum house where Lindsey had prepared a wonderful dinner.  Lindsey is a chef and makes wonderful desserts.  Justin put the burgers on the grill and we had a great salad fresh from the garden, potatoe salad and strawberry shortcake for dessert. 
After, we played with the kids and talked about their garden and Lindsey returning to work.   Cameron drove around on his tractor and also showed me his hidden fort that he and his dad had built.  Very impressive Cameron!
Before we knew it, Jerry and Paula were on their way back to pick us up.  A great day in the land of the bluenosers.   Once we got home we hit the hay.  


  1. there you go again DONT you ever stop.....I swear if you mention strawberry shortcake one more time!!!!les

  2. You'll need a two WEEK nap after all your touring when you get home...

  3. So much to see and so little time, nice that you are enjoying the areas.

  4. You got the "before" pic, but where's the "after"?

    Eating your way across the country again huh? Glad you had a good time with Lindsey and family!