Saturday, July 19, 2014

In Ohio

We finished our visit to the falls and headed back to the rv on the shuttle bus.  What a tourist trap that has become, Ripley's Believe It or Not, Hard Rock Café, and all the nonsense that goes along with money.   I also found it strange that in the day of  "let's stop using plastic", all the boats that make gazillions of trips up to the falls that they give out disposable ponchos to everyone.  That's like giant trash bags.   Doesn't make any sense but who am I?
We drove across the Rainbow bridge (how fitting) and stopped at the agent's booth.  He didn't know what to do.  He had to get a supervisor because he had never encountered a Mexican plate and didn't know the code for entering it into the system.  Even though we had meats and liquor on board, he waved us through to get us out of his hair.
Not having made a reservation, we went to Buffalo and got a spot at the HD Rv Park.  They always say yes, free wifi, closed circuit security cameras and best of all no charge.   Can't beat it.  Food court nearby, McDs senior coffee just feet away, and a service station with fuel at $3.59.   I forgot to mention, no train running through the park at night either.  You just can't beat it :)
The picture below was taken in Columbus.  I stopped to get a haircut because of the surprise tomorrow.  As we left McDonald's wifi there was a party bus behind us.  A policeman had passed the opposite way and at that moment tons of heavy smoke poured out.  I hit the brakes and yelled to Juan that the bus had blown up.  We got out of the car only to find the cop talking to the driver.   Apparently the bus was malfunctioning and the cop let the guy go.  He entered the freeway behind us and just kept going.  Why wasn't he made to park and have the bus towed?   I'm sending the photo to the Columbus police.
We took off at 8 a.m. and we made it to just outside of Cincinnati, Lebanon, Oh.   An rv park that cost an arm and a leg and they squeezed us into the last rv spot they had.  There are 2 bicycles here for each man, woman, child and pet.   I've never been to a family park and now I know why.  We are going to stay in HD in Cincinnati.   We needed a place though to empty tanks, vacuum and get the place spruced up a bit.  Tomorrow is the big day!


  1. The last time we were at Niagara Falls, we said never again. Sure, I guess everyone has it see it once. But once is enough!

  2. We were there several years ago and yes, heavily commercialized. I have some family history there. My great (maybe great, great) grandfather was a daredevil who died while trying to swim under the falls in 1883.

  3. The Falls isa nice sight, but the tourist trap stuff is way to much anymore, I remember when it was a real nice place to visit and even picnic on the lawn by the falls.
    You are making good time.

  4. We've been to Niagara Falls on both sides of the border. Sadly, the Canadian side has a better view but is ridiculously commercial. The U.S. side is much nicer since it's a NY state park and it's easier to enjoy and appreciate the falls experience.
    If I'm guessing right your next stop is the same one we made last summer? If so, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

  5. In Canada, Niagara on the Lake is now commonly referred to as Niagara on the Take. Commercialism aside it is still a marvelous sight.

    Safe travels!