Thursday, July 17, 2014

On Our Way To Ottawa/Perth

Our friends in Nova Scotia!

It's Thursday morning and we are getting ready to head to the airport.   We've had a wonderful time here in Nova Scotia.  Paula and Jerry are great hosts and have given us the "tour de grand".   The food, the wine, the convivencia have been great. 
It was fun meeting Jill and Andrew and happy that good things are coming their way.   Meeting Karin the mystery guest was a real surprise and we hope to see more them all.   Dinner with Nancy and Terrie (hey I spelled it right) was a lot of fun and we got to see them twice.
I hope everyone here in Nova Scotia that we have seen and met all know that they are welcome in our home in Mexico anytime.  The door is open.
The door is open to all our Canadian friends but we'll save that for later.  As we head out of Canada on Saturday we'll be posting our farewell to Canada blog.  


  1. Glad you have enjoyed so great times in Canada, safe travels.

  2. You're both welcome back here anytime. You were PERFECT guests!! Safe travels all the way home.

  3. I am sorry to repeat myself so many times but we just cannot express enough how wonderful it was to have you and Juan here. What a great time, filled with many special memories. Our door is always open to you two! From the sounds of all the comments from your many amigos along your journey, the same holds true across the country. Safe travels on your homeward trek! Miss you guys already! XO XO

  4. what is wrong withyou people NO Mention of food!!!!!!!!!!! Save travels les