Friday, July 18, 2014

Niagara Falls Canada - Buffalo, NY

Great trip today.  We said our goodbyes to David and Marina this morning.   We had a nice dinner out last night and then a local fund-raising concert that is the precursor to the weekend music fest in Perth.

Hit the road by 8 a.m. and had a wonderful drive through Ontario all the way to Niagara Falls on the Canadian side.  We arrived there by 3:30 with tons of traffic in Toronto even though we took the expressway.
We parked in the rv parking at the falls and took the shuttle back to the falls.  It was a beautiful sight and a great way to end our Canada leg of vacation.  Off we go and in a big hurry.  Juan has the opportunity to meet with someone who can help him with his doctorate.   An ex-director in Arkansas where Juan did another Fulbright.   She will be going out of town on Saturday so we are going to beat feet home.   We have a stop for a family get together in Cincinnati before driving to Kansas City to see my brother, sisters, and my nephew. 
Then on to Fayetteville, Arkansas for the weekend before heading to San Antonio.  Our tenant may be moving in the next few months and we want to get things in order before heading back to Mexico.
BTW, we saw a Canadian gas frenzy.  We had left the Ottawa airport and all the way home gas had dropped to 1.19 per liter.  Lines everywhere and people filling up gas cans.  It is what it is but everyone likes a bargain I guess!
Parked at a Home Depot in Buffalo tonight safe and sound.   Tomorrow is a marathon drive but we can make it.  A big surprise on Sunday, can't wait and I'm not telling.


  1. Oh yeah, those gas sales happen every now and again in Ontario. One station drops it's price, and people go nuts. Now, figuring that most people only need about 50 litres, the most they're saving is $10. The majority of these people never think twice about $10, and the majority of them still drive at 120 km/h. It cracks me up watching them sit in lineups (most of them with their engine running) at the gas station.

    1. Kevin, you hit one of my "quandaries" about Canadians. With fuel at $5.05 to $5.60 a gallon, they take off from stop lights like drag racers and drive over 120km on the freeway. It's nuts. I kept it at 55 all the way and keep my rpms under 2000 all the time. I got an additional 2 miles per gallon on this trip. Think about the savings on 16,000 kms.

  2. You lucked out at Niagara Falls with a gorgeous rainbow too! The TO traffic is going to be bad with the Gardiner Expressway under construction and The Lakeshore closed for the Nascar event this weekend. We try to buy our gas if we're in the area of the Six Nations Reserve where it's at least 12 cents/litre less all the time for "Non-Natives" but we won't wait in lines...
    Can't wait for our Sunday surprise!! Safe travels for the long drive.

  3. Nice that you got to view the falls, and the rainbow as well.
    Have been there many times.
    Safe travels.