Monday, August 25, 2014

Oil Spill Update

The news stations have been battling to see who can report first and get the latest scoop onto the presses.  The cleanup of all the oil on the water should be complete by next week and then continued work for another eight weeks to clean up the banks and repair any other damage. 
The ejidatarios (people who live in ejidos), are now being pushed by their local priest to file a lawsuit against Pemex.   Do they deserve it?  Sure they do but they are looking at it as a payday.  These people who have ranch land and belong to one of the eight ejidos have never paid taxes on land or income.   Their animals have also been defecating in the river for years and the waste from their ranches flows into the rivers affecting fish and water quality.   It's kind of a no man's land when it comes to rules. 
I say this only because they would be so much better off if they were part of the system.   They would have medical insurance, benefits from their labors such as loans to improve their farms, purchase livestock and equipment.  I'm sure many of them work their butts off to make a living off the land.   At the same time, education levels are low because they don't send their kids to school and because of their status,  just live day to day.
The media continues with their opinionated views begging on the conditions that the ejidatarios are now living in although 40 tons of food, clothing and bottled water have been collected by the community of Monterrey not to mention the federal funds, potable water trucks, 8 per day, pour into the ejidos. 
In less than a week it has become a zoo.  In on the circus are consultants, private contractors, new media, NGOs, politicians running for elections,  etc.  They all have their hands in the pot.  

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