Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting The Rv Ready

The passenger side door that was hit by the runaway driver.  Repair will cost $150 u.s.

Waiting for the rain :(  Notice our lawn furniture isn't there.  How does aluminum lawn furniture get broken?  Well it did and it has been a problem finding an aluminum welder.  But we did and we are waiting for one more chair to be returned and we can put in our new furniture cushions.
Another great weekend and it looks like the heat may be winding down.  This should be the end of the heat wave that has had it's grips on Texas and Northern Mexico.  It attempted to rain last night but it turned out to be all show.  Lots of light and sound but no rain.   Same thing again this morning and again in the afternoon.  I think it's too hot to rain.
I got my working papers for Texas.   I have an event on September 17th in Dallas.  I'll fly from McAllen to DFW and back.   We're taking the rv to the Rio Grande Valley on the 14th for at least a month depending on what other events come up in the meantime.   I would like to go back to Casa Del Valle but the early bird special pricing is only for one month at $210.  We've always had our eye on Victoria Palms which is an upper scale rv resort that has multiple pools, saunas, a gym, apartments, park models, you name it.  They have a valley health fair every year to attract newcomers to the park.  I sent off for rates and they came back with $210 for the first month.  The person I received the email from said maybe we could get another month at a similar price.  It is conveniently located to McAllen and Harlingen so that makes getting to work in the morning easy.
Today I started doing things to the rv.  One thing I needed to finish was the door on the entertainment center.  I sanded it and gave it one coat of paint.  Tomorrow another sanding with fine grit and then a final coat of paint.  The flat screen which wasn't working should be ready soon so I can attach it to the door.
On our trip we did a bit of caulking every week around the rv.  I still need to do the slideouts but the "special caulk" for rvs leaves a mess.   I had a small can of Goof Off under the kitchen sink here at the house.  Cleaned it up nicely.   Tomorrow if there is no rain, I will give the rv a good bath.  I want to paint the frame and the rear bumper.  Also, the front cap needs to deoxidized and give a couple good coats of wax.  We want to look good at the park when we get there!
I haven't been able to enjoy happy hour for over a week now.  I still have another week to go.  I am having some minor outpatient surgery and the doctor recommended I disconnect the vodka IV for a couple of weeks prior.  All will be well and it is really nothing especially of concern.  I'm having a club soda right now while Juan sips on a cool, cold, tingling, clear vodka on the rocks.


  1. Holy cow, that would be a $1,000 repair here in Canada.

  2. Two months in the RGV should cure what ails you!