Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Busy As A Beaver

I have accomplished quite a bit between working at the school, preparing for my Texas courses and doing projects around the house.  School started off with a bang.  There are some new teachers, I am working on getting them all certified, events for the school year and most of all trying to motivate the teachers.   Yesterday afternoon there was a meeting at school with the parents of secondary students.   I had the opportunity to explain where we are in the program and what we are working on.  Also I invited a representatives from Oxford that are offering students a Spring break trip to England for two weeks where they will be able to put into practice their English skills with kids from other countries.
Here at home I've been repairing and painting things.  Our trip to Canada was a real motivator for us.  We noticed, as I have stated many times, Canadians take such pride in their homes and the people we visited on our trip like to get out and do things themselves.  Here at home, because of cheap labor, we find we have relied on people to do things for us.  The reality is, not much gets done.  Getting people committed to doing a job, doing it well and on time can be hard.  It's the same probably in most parts of the world.  A human thing. 
We decided to get off our butts and do things ourselves.  I've gotten quite a bit done on the trailer.  We will probably leave on the 14th for my trip to Dallas and leave the rv in McAllen.  After, we will come home for a week or ten days until I have my next seminars which appear to be one after another for a couple of weeks.  Today I have a conference call with my new boss.  Wow, that makes it sound like a real job!  Good thing it's only a few days here and there.
So Monday and Tuesday I worked on a wood/wrought iron table we use out by the pool.  I disassembled it, sanded down the wood parts then painted the whole thing.  I need to get some of it back together today but it's another project done.
Hurricane Dolly is still on its way.  So they say.  Last night I was chatting with Mark on Facebook when the winds started to kick up.  The rain came but there was no downpour or tropical storm.  They have closed schools in five municipalities along the coast in Tamaulipas in anticipation of the heavy winds and rain.   It has been raining off and on most of the night but lightly.  
Juan got the SUV back and it looks great.  I will post before and after pics today or tomorrow.

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  1. You have been a busy boy trust the new job goes well and a blog with no mention of food..well done cheers les