Sunday, September 14, 2014

Made It To The RGV

We took off on time and it was pouring down rain.  I pulled out the VW so we could get the rv out and I put it close to the sidewalk.   I got the rv out, I was worried about all the water and mud but I pulled it right out no problem.  I slowly take off down the road and I don't see Juan moving in the VW.  He calls me and says the car is stuck in the mud.  I started to back up and then I saw him coming down the road.  He was able to get out.
A quick stop for gas and air and off we went down the highway to Monterrey.  Town was pretty empty with the rain and the fact that it is sort of a four-day weekend with the Independence celebrations and early morning.   Juan passed me about two miles before the convention center so he could go park the VW.  He was there waiting when I arrived.   You do this so much in your lifetime we forgot we were going to Reynosa and almost headed to Laredo.  As he got in the car we both said the same thing. 
Stopped for tacos and the rain stopped but the sky was still menacing.  I looked at him and said, "maybe we should take the libre".   Good in that we saved 50 dollars but the down side is that they are making the libre a four-lane highway from Monterrey to Reynosa to provide a high quality no-toll highway.   So we did have about 5 kms of rough stuff but it will turn out to be great.
Waited on the bridge for an hour and passed through with only a visual interior inspection.  Too many buses in the X-Ray line so they let us go.   I dropped Juan off to do some shopping at the Dollar Store and he headed home on the bus. 
Made it to the rv park after a quick stop at the HEB.   Nobody is here but a handful of full timers.  The storms here are worse than at home.  I got setup and took a nap and there was a heavy downpour.  The place is very nice but one downside.   Poor wifi.  I'm very disappointed.  I'm out by one of the pools in a cabana which is wonderful but I want to use the internet at home.
More later. 


  1. You need to buy a wi-fi range extender and just to throw it in the RV for when you need it. They're only about 75 bucks (or less) and a one time expense.

  2. We have a WiFi booster called and ALFA. They make several models. I get them from a place called . . . . The gjy who seems to own it responds to emails and helps if any problems. Most Alfas cost between $25 to $30. You can download drivers online. We sit in the Bus while others have to go to park office. Been using them for years. Do not buy from Amazon as we got fakes that did not work. Trust Rokland.

    1. I'm in a learning curve. I went shopping today. Lots of conflicting information from people who probably don't know what's what. One told me that I would have to have the rv park give me the information to configure the extender. Maybe people are talking two different things; extenders, amplifiers, and something else. But, I will check it out. Thanks Brian and Sue.