Thursday, September 4, 2014

Four Days of Down Time

Today I had some elective surgery.  Not a big deal but I won't be doing much talking for the next couple of days.  My head hurts and I can barely open my mouth.   When I told Juan I was having trouble talking, he just smiled.  I have to wear a harness on my head until Tuesday.  Good pain killers!

The storm has turned into a lingering rain.  The winds come and go but nothing of concern.   No flooding but a few accidents.  Not as many as in past years.   People in Monterrey have become better drivers and tend to be more courteous.  

We got the SUV back yesterday.  They did a good job.  Juan realized that the gas cover was missing.  He called and said someone had stolen it.  I told him to call the body shop because I thought maybe they had used that to match the paint.  Sure enough, the guy forgot to put it back on.


After - Price $138 and that included the front bumper which I had scratched up in Chicago!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    The SUV looks good and what a great price!

  2. Great job on the SUV. Just wondering . . . is there a leash to attach to that harness you're wearing? :-) Juan would have fun with that!

  3. Oh, we use a different leash for that :) :)