Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another Great Weekend

The rains haven't let up and the weekend has been gray and soggy.   Yesterday we hung around the house and had the gardener helping us with yard work and the pool.   I had quite a long nap yesterday and when I woke up we decided to go downtown to the Rio Santa Lucia to see a free show called Fous de Bassin which is like Cirque de Soliel but on water.   It was unbelievable.  The traffic, mostly due to a new metro line being built, was a nightmare.  Once we did arrive to the riverwalk, the four story parking garage was almost full.   We took the elevator down to the ground floor and when we walked out to the river there was a maze of thousands of people.  I've never seen such a crowd in all my time in Monterrey.  So good to see that people are out and about and life is good here.   The show was difficult to see through the crowds and I imagine many people arrived hours before.   It was a bizarre show but truly delightful with fireworks at the end not to mention the music that was piped throughout the rivewalk sound system.

Sunday at the house is always our big breakfast day.  During the week I'm usually fed oatmeal and black bananas.  Today was the usually fantastic huevos rancheros with papas con chorizo and refried beans.  A slice of panela cheese on the side really topped it off.
I also have been working with some inexpensive LED lights Juan picked up here in town.  I want to make a pyramid lamp that we can use in the house and the rv.   These are small squares and it would make a very easy job and something kind of attractive too.  They really light up the room.

I spent most of the day working on my PowerPoint presentation for my talk at the convention in Puebla next month.  It is coming along well.  I'm trying to do it with all visuals and the least amount of text possible.  When there is text, teachers in the audience do a lot of note taking from the screen along with photos of my intellectual property and they don't seem to listen as well. 
We had our monthly beef dinner.  Two delicious rib eyes on the grill along with fresh veggies and a bottle of wine.  That's how it ends and tomorrow I have a list of pendientes (things to do) and I will give you a rundown after I am finished.  I have an appointment with the American consulate on Tuesday at 10:15.  


  1. I am visualizing your Sunday morning breakfast and my mouth is watering because I can remember the one you and Juan made for us when you were here and it was so delicious. Dinner looks great too!

  2. this should be in the food magazine!!!! cheers les

  3. We are still holding onto the wonderful refried beans you and Juan made while you were here. We used some on a pizza one evening (sooooo good!) and the rest are being saved for huevos and rancheros. We just wished you were both here to enjoy them with us.
    The water show in Monterrey looks very cool!

  4. Ooops! Make that huevos rancheros not huevos and rancheros! :-)

  5. No need for you to "butt" in on the food blog young lady!!!!!! blessings L