Sunday, September 7, 2014

Hay Que Domingo En La Alameda

Funny title, right?  It says, "oh what a great Sunday in the Alameda Park".  Many Mexican cities have a park called the Alameda.  In Monterrey we have one downtown that has been around for over 100 years.  On Sundays, all the house workers; maids, chauffeurs, mozos (male house workers) that come from indigenous groups in the south such as San Luis Potosi, Veracruz and Tabasco to name a few, gather at this park.  Their custom is for the girls to walk in one direction and the boys in the other.  An interesting place because you can hear many different languages or dialects being spoken.  The tradition continues today.   I mention this because as I write the blog I am watching the local news.  There was a dispute (riña) between two guys, not sure why, but most likely over a girl in the Alameda.  The title of the blog was a Mexican song a few years back that spoke about this tradition.  Long story for such a short title.

Today being Sunday, it was another good breakfast.   Juan prepared empalmes, two fried corn tortillas filled with ham and a slice of cheese and covered with two eggs over easy served with beans.  Yes, my friend Les, it was delicious :). 

Being home bound for five days I have turned to YouTube for entertainment.   Have you ever heard of Cathy Mitchell?  She is the queen of cooking infomercials.   I watched those yesterday and today.  I find them interesting to the point of, "I would never buy that contraption".  However, what I did discover is that Cathy started back in 1990 with these infomercials.  She has grown quite a bit in more ways than one and I know why.   All of her quick, ready, set, go recipes have less than five ingredients and none of them are natural including her famous "dump cake".   Sounds gruesome doesn't it?  Made with a dry cake mix and a can of diet soda???  What?   I guess once in a great while it wouldn't hurt anyone and it probably tastes, well, sweet.  I'm finished with that now and won't be littering my rv with any of those inventions.   I also watch just one, well two, informercials from Ron Popeil.  My Aunt Florence was a fisherperson and retired to a lake in Oklahoma.   She had a Popeil's Pocket Fisherman.  She loved it.   I watched his all-in-one pasta maker which seems pretty good but also pretty noisy and his famous GLH-9, Good Looking Hair fiber spray.  They sell it on Amazon and it has rave reviews even to this day. 

I finished assembling the patio table I took apart to paint and did some house cleaning yesterday.  I'm pretty restricted until this next week on what I can do as far as heavy lifting.  More details on all that later.   Not really a big deal.

Juan grilled two rib eye for dinner.  That was our beef for the month of September.  We split one and will have the other later this week. 


  1. I still use my little stovetop grill occasionally (that we bought at the trade show we went to with you and Juan)... but it smokes up the rig more than I like. My mom was a sucker for gadgets - she'd keep those companies in business!

  2. OK that is it I am getting you a subscription for the food channel...have a great day les

  3. I would like to borrow Juan for a while...

  4. My Dad had a Pocket Fisherman. Actually, he had a few items that he was suckered into buying. I've never wondered what happened to all that crap until just now. Should ask one of my brothers.