Friday, September 12, 2014

It's That Time Of Year - Mexican Independence

Today we celebrated Mexican Independence at the school in Allende.  All the students participated and over 150 parents showed up.  It was a great event reliving the history of Mexico along with each class performing folkloric dance from different states.  A kermesse (kind of like an ice cream social) followed with Mexican antojitos; tacos, tamales, nachos, sweet treats including algodones (cotton candy).  

Shirley was wondering exactly what I do in schools.  Here in Mexico I work freelance for publishers as well as the education department which includes training teachers, conferences at conventions, workshops to name a few.  The school above is a volunteer position although I do charge them for some projects.  

In Texas I teach a one-day prep course for the ACT/SAT test.  I have about thirty events a year and during the season (Oct-Nov, Feb-Mar) we take the rv to Texas and set it up in an rv park.  It saves a ton of money and I can deduct it from my taxes.   In between events I will come home to Monterrey.  It works out well and helps to build my social security.  

Some more pics from the event today:



  1. that last shot is a great one...the Mexicans sure know how to celebrate cheers les

  2. Wow, looks like everyone had a great time. Love the charro outfit on you, you look so good in it!