Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wow, What A Moon


 Pic of the Day

 This is Juan riding Nova Scotia's largest cock.  This cock was carved by Terrie.  When we went to dinner at Nancy and Terrie's, we were greated by this large cock as we walked in the door.  You can see Jerry smiling to the right!  (that was the night Nancy made chiles en nogada)

That was some moon last night.  We went out and had a look after Paula sent me a message to check it out.  We did and we toasted to our Canadian friends in Nova Scotia.  Then, just now, Juan pulled out a bottle of very special vodka that was a gift from Paula and Jerry.  We used it wisely and had enough for one more happy hour drink.   Very good vodka from the Ironworks Distillery in Lunenburg,   That was a fun day.   I even started to write a song about that day trip.

This morning I went to school for a couple of hours and worked with 1st graders (primary) and 2nd graders (secondary).   Very hard to work with teachers using cooperative learning techniques when they don't want to or have so many years doing things in a certain way.   It was a fun day and watching first graders talk about their families is a real treat.  It took all of 30 minutes to get them going and then I left for the teacher to take over.  Pobrecita!

I booked our reservation at the Victoria Palms Rv Resort for a month.   It is still low season so the month will cost us $214 a few dollars less than what they quoted.   We get the largest lot across from the club house.  We'll be gone by the time it really picks up.   I haven't found too many specials this year like I did last year.  I'm not sure what I'll do for the Spring season.  If it's late March early April rates will start to drop again.   I think I'll start looking in earnest when we get there.   Next week as I am sure I mentioned, I will fly to Dallas for two days.  After that, we will come home and leave the rv at the park.  I have two events both in Corpus Christi in October.  Same schools two days each.   I will stay in a hotel paid by the company as well as expenses.

Our Independence Day celebrations are coming up and I think I will dress in Mariachi for the school event.  I love this part of the year, it really brings home why I love Mexico so much.

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