Saturday, September 13, 2014

Heading For The Rio Grande

It's been raining since 4 p.m. yesterday non-stop.   Roads and streets out here are flooded.  I had to hook up the rv in the rain and get my things packed for McAllen.   We're looking forward to the next month or two traveling back and forth between Texas and home.  A change of scenery and doing some flea markets and thrift stores.  We'll head out around 7:30 in the morning.  
It is a bit complicated but Juan will go with me and then take the bus home.  We're dropping off the VW on the way through Monterrey so when he gets off the bus he can pick up the little car.   Reason?  He went to his pensioners meeting last Saturday and he needs to turn in a bank statement from Monday the 15th so that he can receive a pretty juicy retirement bonus.  One time deal and has to be done in person.   Why does he have to go with me?  U.S. border patrol is picky about us using our Mexican vehicles without the owner.   Mexican vehicles can only have one name on the title so the SUV is under his name and the trailer is under mine along with the VW.  I don't want to get there and then be turned back.
I'm also looking forward to flying some more for work too.  Dallas is a short trip but I like airports.   Great place to watch people and walk around.   
So it's been a pretty lazy day because of the rain and even the cats have taken a break.

Tomorrow I'll be posting pictures of the Victoria Palms Rv Resort which will be our new Texas home for a month or two.  


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  2. Hooray for Juan on the retirement bonus! Wishing you both safe travels to Texas.