Friday, September 19, 2014

A Rough Couple of Days

I took my trip to Dallas on Tuesday and all went fine.  I arrived on time, picked up the rental car and headed to the hotel in time for the manager's happy hour.  I took a few minutes to drive by the school which was nearby to make sure it was easy to find.  The hotel room was pretty standard and I didn't get such a good night's sleep for some odd reason.

The event the next day was also pretty standard except for one thing.   I had 150 students in a fairly new school.  Too much politics today for me.    I noticed on this trip to the U.S., from the trip, the hotel to the school, being politically correct is even bigger than ever.   Everyone is on watch to make sure they don't make any comments, movements, or judgements that someone somewhere might find offense no matter if another person is right or wrong.   Kind of like losing your freedom of speech.   Also, on the plane, in the airport, the rental car shuttle, I realized how lucky I have been in my life to not have a corporate job.   I left that years ago and even then I could see it going on.  Being able to talk the talk, dress the walk, knowing corporate lingo and watching people walk over everyone else to get ahead.   I wouldn't want to be a 25 year old in today's business world.  Am I being politically correct here?

Bad news on this trip is I lost my passport.   I think it slipped through a slot in my computer bag that is used for sticking a doubled up newspaper into.   I boarded the plane with the passport and boarding pass in hand.  I put it into the zippered side bag but it may have been the part mentioned above.   Anyway, I continue to check with both airports and the airline and have an appointment next week with the consulate here in Monterrey.  The American Airlines lost and found department doesn't talk to you in person.  You are instructed to leave a message with your email.  If it is not found, they will not contact you.  So you don't know if they got your info or not.   Not a big deal, I had one year left on a 10 year passport.

The rv park is still a ghost town.   I took advantage of the gym and the jacuzzi over the last few days.  I need to get an adjuster to look at one of the slides on the rv.   I complained about a grapefruit tree next door that kept getting in the way and I think I may have been the top of the slideout on a branch.  It sticks out about half an inch at the top corner on one side.   Maybe my imagination.

Oh, did I tell you my return flight was delayed?  Original take off was 6:50.  The flight was delayed 45 minutes for lack of an on-time crew.   After getting up in the air, we returned to DFW because of a supposed hydraulic fluid leak.  We were on the ground for a couple of hours until they determined it was a faulty gauge in the cockpit but the mechanic assured us that the fluid levels were full.   Needless to say, we smelled something like oil or rubber burning in the ventalation system.  It went away after about 20 minutes.  

Back home here in Monterrey for two weeks before heading to Corpus Christi.  


  1. One of my biggest fears is losing my passport... I know they can be replaced, but it's such a hassle. We recently had to send ours someplace to get our visa for China... it took forever to get back to us (we didn't have phone service in Maine and the company had transposed Bill's e-mail address)... Sounds like you barely blinked an eye... I just know I wouldn't be so calm. Sounds too like you're in for a lot of travels... hope there aren't more delays.

  2. Losing my passport is a constant fear of mine as well. I keep mine in a zip-lock bag in the same zippered compartment of my backpack, or at least try to. On my trip to my sister's I had a panic attack when I couldn't find it. After a frantic search it turned up in my back pocket!

  3. sounds like a JOURNEY!!! Glad you stayed calm have a great weekend les