Friday, February 20, 2015

Cold Weather Blues

I haven't posted since we returned home from South Padre Island.  We had so much fun with Paula and Jerry and then the party with Uli and Heinz.  It was  a great weekend and we had a nice trip home as well.  We stopped at Costco for vitamins in Pharr before heading home and then a stop at our friends house in Hidalgo to pick up the new inverter and a shorter 30 amp cable.   

The weather here has been off and on.  I was cold and rainy when we left for SPI and when we got there the weather was great.  Heading home, the weather turned sour again.   Monday was great, Tuesday not bad and then it changed again and dipped down to 4C.   It is getting old and yes I understand the problems of the great Northeast.  Lindsey has been posting pics of the snow blizzards in Nova Scotia to us, that is their weather and foreign to us.  The trees are blooming through all this and so is the grass I planted last year.   The road work has come to a standstill because of the weather and I am afraid they won't return but I refuse to go back to the city for fear of hacking them off.   Best way to turn a Mexican off is to get testy with them.   

The good news from Mexico is that we have seen a couple of changes in Pemex.  One is that they are no longer sending finished product through pipelines.   They have now set up terminals around the country where the fuel will be shipped missing formulated additives, mixed on site at the terminals before heading out on trucks for delivery or to ships.  Why?  Cartel thefts have increased so much.  They call it ordeña de ductos (pipeline milking) and the oil and fuel is sold to factories or Texas oil companies under the table.  Second, here in the north, gas stations now have a price range for selling fuel to make stations more competitive and increase service to customers as well as reducing the cheat factor in the quantity of fuel you receive.  

(don't know what is happening to the text size here, I copy/pasted the ñ and it all went wacky, like right now :) )


  1. It sure was great to have you both here! We're already looking forward to our next get-together! Thanks again, amigos queridos! And thanks to Juan for my new word. :-)

  2. So glad that you guys all had a great time together at San Padre Islands. Nothing beats getting together with good friends!