Monday, February 9, 2015

Mexico And Ignorance

This just has to be the day.  I am reading various forums and Facebook threads and I am amazed at the amount of ignorance and hearsay that exists about Mexico.  Here are a few and I will try to debunk them.

1)  Rv park electric rates are over .25 U.S. per Kwh  (only if that's what they want to charge since the park owns the meters.  They can charge whatever they want.  We have never paid more than .15 per Kwh

2)  Bringing dollars to Mexico to buy a house.  The answer is almost always no and that the maximum is $10,000.  (This all depends on how you want to bring it.  At all border crossings it is clearly stated that you cannot bring more than $10,000 unless declared.  When buying a house someone said, "why would a Mexican want dollars?"  First off, it helps to keep the asking price stable as a house can takes months or years to sell and it is used as an exchange rate.  Also, Mexican banks as well as American banks accept foreign checks for large amounts.  It may not clear for 14 days or more but it is legitimate tender.  Our credit union accepts checks from our Mexican bank.  Bank transfers charge commission and tax but are a good way to get the money where it is going in less than a few hours.  Safe and convenient.

3) Mexico has a fixed fuel price.  (to some extent the price is controlled by government but entering the next year, stations will have a flexible rate with a minimum and a maximum and can choose the price that suits them.  Also, with the extremely low but soon ending fuel prices in the U.S., Mexico has cut the price of fuel at Pemex stations along the border by as much as 50% per liter to compete with U.S. stations.   Goes to show you that Mexico's Energy Reform is taking off)

4) I've heard that Baja is more like the states.  (that could never be further from the truth.  With the exception of a few tourist destinations, Baja is still the Wild West and a place where nature is truly at work in the desert.  There are five distinct types of desert as you head from north to south.  Like most of Mexico, where there are tourists, prices are higher.  Baja is still a very good deal especially if you are a boondocker.  Great weather and starry starry nights.)

Just a personal bug that's up my behind today.   I want to participate on those forums and FB pages but I get called all kinds of names.  Most of them are overrun by a distinct group of people who may or may not live or play in Mexico.


  1. However, we did pay 3 pesos (about $0.22) per kw/h at Hacienda Contreras, and I'm assuming you did as well. Barb said that was her cost. Also, the fuel price has been pretty much fixed at approx the same rate throughout the country for much of our travel in the last 7 years. I know that's changing, but it is the way it's been in the past.

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  3. The electrical rates here in our park in Mazatlan are not metered but the owner says power is cheap and not a problem for him to include it in the monthly rate. Paid a high rate in Los de Marcos a couple of years ago....possibly the owners doing even though it was supposedly metered individually and we didn't even run our A/C. Fuel prices have doubled since we started travelling in Mexico 7 years ago. I have no problem with that as we can afford it but I feel immensely sorry for the average Mexican.