Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Looking Around For A Trip

Paula and Jerry are back home in Nova Scotia.  We enjoyed visiting them for a weekend along with a visit and party with Uli and Heinz.  Too much fun at the beach.

I am enjoying my work.  I have another event on Saturday although it is local.  A group of 300 teachers attending an event at a hotel downtown.   It is a mix of commercial and academic and I am looking forward to it.

This weekend we will be hosting a Couchsurfing guest.  She is from New Jersey and has been living in Mexico for the winter.  She is an English teacher also and we are anxious to meet.   We made contact, talked on the phone and it looks like we are good to go.  She says she drinks wine, perfect.

The weather here remains crappy.  Hot and then cold, dry and then wet.  The good part is that Spring has sprung and the trees are filling up quickly with leaves.  If Marina and David swing by they will be in for a surprise in comparison to what then encountered on their way down to Puerto Escondido.  

I have the itch again and I'm ready to take off.  I am working on the bent hitch crank issue and the install of the new 600W inverter as well as the cable connect.   We may sleep in the trailer one night this next week to see if it will cure my problem.  

We are going to Mexico City for Spring break if I haven't mentioned it already but wheels are much better under my bed.   I am researching the option of renting an rv in Nova Scotia sometime this summer.  Sorry to all our Canadian friends but we fell in love with the province.   We want to return soon.  

That's about it for now.  I will introduce you to our CS friend Mercedes when she arrives on Saturday.  I hope she likes us!

BTW, somebody had a birthday.  We don't go out much but I treated Juan to an Argentinian haute cuisine restaurant in Monterrey on the 23rd.   It was excellent food and the service was exquisite.  We went there thirty years ago.  Imagine how time flies.  


  1. WoW! Lots of news Chris! Ha! Sleeping in the RV to overcome the travel itch! Sounds like a good idea on Nova Scotia - I haven't been since I was a little girl but I would imagine it is a fun and beautiful province. Argentinian food - yum - sounds like a great way to celebrate Juan's BD.

  2. We'll be back in Maine this summer... Nova Scotia isn't that far away. Happy Birthday, Juan... you handsome devil, you!

  3. You know how we feel about you planning a return trip to Nova Scotia! Over the moon happy! Let us know if we can do anything at all to help. You know your room is always ready here!
    Great picture of Juan. He never seems to age!
    We're looking forward to meeting your new friend. She's in for such a treat! Have fun!

  4. Happy Birthday to Juan!!!! We traveled to the Maritimes years was an unforgettable trip...don't blame you for wanting to go back!!! Marilyn

  5. Happy Belated Birthday Juan!

    You would love RVing around Nova Scotia. It is especially good for boondocking and the scenery is gorgeous and so are the friendly people. :-)

  6. Birthday wishes to a special friend. Looking forward to hearing more about your travel plans including overnighting in the RV. When we lived across from the beach site ( right across the street literally ) we would spend the weekend in our RV that was parked there. We called it going away for the weekend.