Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Weekend In D.F.

World Trade Center Mexico City

I headed to Mexico City again yesterday.  It looks like I will be spending quite a few weekends there over the next few months.   Good for me, I earn lots of AeroMexico kilometers as well as Holiday Inn points for future free nights.  The hotel is so well located, in front of the World Trade Center, near one of our favorite restaurants and right off of Insurgentes and public transportation.

Yesterday I arrived around 10:30 in the morning and went straight to the hotel.   I had prepared my presentation two months ago and was very happy with it.  Like most things, nothing is static and the venue along with my presentation was changed on Thursday.   I spent most of the day working on the PowerPoint.   There is a new presentation software called Prezi which I have just found out about and I am thinking of changing to that from PPT.   Very exciting for me.   

I had the opportunity to have lunch with my friend Darren who lives in La Condesa which isn't far from the hotel.  We talked up a storm and covered just about everything.  Except on thing, I wanted to get a picture of us at lunch.  Mexico City is so modern and cosmopolitan it is a wonder to visit.   We are definitely spending our Spring break there.   

I asked the Holiday Inn staff about our stay and the rates for a week.  He quoted me $120 a night, yes that's dollars.  I told him I found it online for $100 and he said, "don't make a reservation".   He explained that Semana Santa or Spring break is dead and the week before they discount the rates so much we could get it for less than $70 a night.   That's a deal considering the hotel and the location.  Then my friend Darren said to check with luxury business hotels and we might get a better rare.   I'm going to book the flights but wait on the hotel.  

This morning I headed to the Hotel Melia Reforma for my presentation.  We had over 600 teachers show up for the event.  We offered a breakfast, a wonderful lunch break and lots of free materials.  I had a great time and I think they did too.   I took a private taxi from the hotel.  The guy was super nice and has a very luxurious Fusion.  He gave me his card and he is the same price if not cheaper than most taxis.  Great music, conversation and service.  I will be using him over the next few months.   

What can I say, so far it is a wonderful weekend and I came home to a great evening.  

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  1. You can get a decent hotel in central Mexico City for under 400 pesos per night. We got ours through for the equivalent of $77 for two nights.