Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Hate Shopping

Nothing to do with Mexico or anything else.   I have had a gift card for almost two months that was given to me by a school.  I hate trying on clothes.   I'm short, have big legs and calves and all the things they make are for tall toothpick types.   Not my body style.  Doesn't anyone design clothes after a potato?

After three hours and lots of jeans, I gave up.  The clerks at Suburbia said that all the jeans are coming out with narrow legs.  Good for narrow legged people.  The jeans fit me in terms of the waist and the butt (believe it or not) but I can't get my calves past the bottom part of the leg and if I do it is like wearing compression stockings.

This is my style, of course without the eye patch!

I also need some very nice pull over dress style shirts for my upcoming events.  I refuse to wear a button-down shirt and a tie.   No luck so far.  No, I can't order online because then I have to drive to the border to pick it up.  You know, that used to be the Robert Wagner look.  I'm still into that and refuse to change it.

Tomorrow I go out for round two.  BTW, Levi fits great but at 780 pesos they can go to where the sun don't shine.  


  1. I'm with you Chris - hate shopping and especially clothes shopping. Not sure who they make the clothes for! That's why I'm good with shorts in the winter and a uniform in the summer. Done deal.

  2. There are great seamtresses in Mexico, maybe someone could make you a pair! Just a suggestion.

  3. For a shirt, try a guayabera shirt. Buy it slightly oversized and keep the buttons done up. It is now a pullover! For the pants - like Ruth says.

  4. I am in schock that you are actually trying in clothes two days in a row! I know how you like to think about it first. You much have been thinking for a long time :)

  5. I too have big calves and thighs... a problem for jeans. When I have a pedicure at Gaby's the gals always comment on how atlética my calves are! I always explain ...that's just the way they are! At least you don't have to try on bras, that's even a bigger pain in the ass.