Sunday, January 11, 2015

Parque Estanzuela - Short Hike

Last night David made pasta for dinner and we watched a corny movie on YouTube.   We made it through the movie and it wasn't half bad.  It was cold last night and we cranked up the heat.  

This morning Marina made some of her delicious banana-blueberry pancakes.   She picked up the blueberries yesterday, fresh and sweet at the HEB.  We piddled around the morning and excitement came when the sun began to peek out at us.  We had done some laundry so that worked out well and hung things up.

Dave was getting antsy and wanted to go for a hike.  At first I thought it would be too muddy but then it struck me.  We have a state park just as you get into town over to the west called Parque Estatal Estanzuela, a state park.   

Off we went.  It was quite a drive back to the entrance of the park and it was mostly cobblestone.  The park down below is surrounded by high-priced homes in gated communities.   Nice area.  

The entrance fee was 20 pesos per person.  They have framed photos of butterflies and birds that visit the park throughout the year.  

This evening, David and Marina invited us out for dinner.  They had enchiladas, Juan had puerco asado and I had some barbacoa tacos.  Delicious.  They are heading out tomorrow to Matehuala and possibly up to Real de Catorce.  They are going to find much better temps there than here according to the forecast.

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