Monday, January 26, 2015

In Mexico City

I had a nice flight yesterday.  Getting to the airport in Monterrey has something new.  They completed the second level that takes you directly to the 35 peso autopista to the airport.  Three lanes wide, elevated, super smooth and best of all fast.  In less than an hour from Monterrey I was sitting in the lounge waiting for my flight. 

AeroMexico, like many other airlines, is experimenting with new boarding procedures.  This one I like but I'm not convinced yet.  They have five groups and five lines.   There are a couple of questions I want to ask when I fly home tomorrow to make sure I understand their procedure.   It was a 737-700 and the seats are shrinking.  Legroom was good but the width is about 17 inches.

I'm staying at the Holiday Inn Express right next to the World Trade Center.  The office I am going to for meetings is two blocks away.   

I will take some pictures today and post them.  It is a very nice area.   A friend and I had dinner last night at Sanborn's.   We went walking around the area.  Lots of people out and about, I couldn't have felt safer in a city with 25 million people.

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  1. As you know we LOVE Mexico City! Don't work too hard so that you can enjoy your time there as well.