Friday, January 23, 2015

Here Comes The Cold . . . Again!

Not the most exciting week of my  life but a good one.   Lots of maintenance going on around the house.   A plumber came with his crew and changed out all the traps under all the bathroom sinks.  They were old and full of crud and in the spare bedroom it smelled a little funky.   The sealed everything, reseated the toilet so it wouldn't wiggle while you were there.  The spare bathroom was a challenge for the last year.  I had changed just about everything and it would continue to run anyway.  Fixed.

After we installed the security cameras we were left with an extension cord running from the studio to the kitchen.   The internet, phone line, DVR and cables were all there.  We now have an outlet and my next job is to get rid of the small table that holds all this junk.  I am thinking about a small mounted wall cabinet to hide all the electronics.  Next project is to tackle the roof.  That takes removing tiles, fixing cracks and sealing before putting the tiles back up.

The cold front hit last night.  I got home yesterday at 5 p.m. from a meeting in Monterrey.   It started to chipi chipi (drizzle) and get yucky again.  This morning it is 4C here on the ranch.   

Sunday I am heading to Mexico City for two days of meetings and hopefully walk away with weekend work for a few months traveling around Mexico.  Let's see what happens.


  1. Rats! We missed you again. Headed back north yesterday... might make it back to the Valley again before summer....

  2. Love that word 'chipi chipi'. Your home is going to be in top condition soon.