Thursday, January 8, 2015

Argh! I Hate Commitments - And It Might Snow

As we get older and travel more, we are not happy having so many commitments.  Although I have to say they seem to work out well but it just gets more intense.   Today I was in an event with the Secretary of Education and that looked promising.  We'll see.  But, we would have loved to have stayed in Mazatlan.  Why?  It is 1C and dropping here at the ranch.  It is raining and it might just snow or ice before morning.  Yuck!   Contessa and Colin, enjoy the sunsets!

Marina and David called tonight, they are in Harlingen and will head down tomorrow.  The weather is the same there so they might as well get going.   The house is warm.  I told David we have a new bottle of tequila and we need to celebrate Marina's recent retirement as a librarian in Ontario.

We are looking forward to their visit.   They hosted us over the summer and we left our trailer at their ranch while we were in Nova Scotia.   David said he talked to his son Darren earlier in the day and it was -35C.   I guess we are blessed.  

Anyway, I miss the beach.  Enough said.


  1. We can handle anything above freezing. When it gets below zero (0C, 32F) at night that's too cold for us! We're up in the mountains at 8,000 ft boondocking tonight. Can't wait to get that new heater!

  2. We feel for you Chris - the beach looked good on you guys. Too bad it's so cold up there. Have a good visit with your next Canadian crew. I'm sure David and Marina are just thrilled to be heading into the warmth of Mexico - well - southern and low elevation Mexico I guess.

  3. Mi casa es su casa :) Life is good here, no complaints. Off to the mercardo for a shrimp burger for lunch. It is cool here today also, only 75F at 10:30AM.