Thursday, January 1, 2015

The New Year - I Don't See It The Same Way

First off, we had a wonderful time last night in Mazatlan.  What I have come to realize though, is that the new year doesn't seem like closure of any kind to me.   I see it as another day, another party, but not a marker in time.  For me, waking up every morning is the best marker of my life.  I've always enjoyed mornings and even think about them when I go to bed at night.   I had no sadness last night, no tears, just my usual happiness and I hope everyone else has the same for the future.   It's fun being happy.  I've been blessed with fantastic life and have so much to be thankful for and most of it is genetic, at least so far.

Back to the party!  We took the panga to town last night around 7:30.   Once we arrived to the dock on the mainland we took a pulmonia to the Hotel Posada Freeman.  Up we went to the roof top lounge and had a look around the night sky and the oceanfront.   We ordered drinks and chatted for awhile before heading out on foot to the Plaza Machado.  We hadn't been there before but it is the tourist section of Mazatlan.  Very nice area and lots of tourists.   We didn't have reservations anywhere so we went from restaurant to restaurant looking for a place.   All the tables last night were reserved but with a set menu.   I'm not crazy about that and we happened to luck out.   We found the best restaurant of 2014, in my humble opinion.   

Rooftop Hotel Posada Freeman

We passed a doorway with a very beautiful hostess and the next thing I knew we were inside.  Not only a very posh and attractive restaurant, the service is fantastic.  We were told in the beginning that they didn't have and room but they went out of their way to find us a table.  It was in a perfect spot for conversation, a street view next to an open window, a mature crowd and the ambiance was truly perfect for our dinner.  It was truly a dining experience I will never forget and if we ever come back to Mazatlan we will head straight there.  

Bar Lounge at the El Presidio 

After dinner we headed back to the Plaza Machado and arrived right at countdown.  The band was playing, people were dancing and we ran into our friends Kevin and Linda from the isla.   It was a true party and the air was filled with excitement and fiesta!

We stayed for a bit after midnight and headed back to the panga and the island.   Colin sent up another lantern and we toasted to the night before heading to bed.   It took me about an hour to unwind before sleeping and we woke up at 7:30.  Time for a beach walk and some reflection about our stay here as we will be heading home on Saturday.  I think we will go ahead and take the Espinazo del Diablo to Durango.  I am waiting for Kevin and Ruth to post their blog to see how their climb to Durango went yesterday.

Have a great New Year and make the best of everyday.  Make peace with neighbors, friends and family as you never know what the future could bring.


  1. Rolling Earthquake here ! You have convinced us that we need to make time for a trip there. We enjoy your blog so very much. Makes us feel like we were there. Happy New Year !!

  2. I like your thoughfullness about the New Year. As time passes I am grateful for every day and every year. Glad to see that you all had a lovely evening and it's interesting to read your perspective as well as Contessa's.

  3. So true Chris! Glad you guys had such a nice evening - that's what really counts anyway - the wonderful experiences and memories to follow. Safe trip home!