Friday, January 16, 2015

The Left For Better Weather - And A Week's Worth of News

And off they went for warmer climes.

It's been a long week and I am beat.  It was nice to have company and we always welcome visitors to Mexico.  The door is always open and we hope people aren't shy about stopping by.  Marina and David have been here before and we hope that they can stop by on their way out if it is on their route.   We'll miss them and our conversations, meals and happy hours.

The week went by quickly but there just seem to be so many minor obstacles in the way.  School is one of them and I have to remember that it is a part-time semi-volunteer position and need to stand back sometimes and let people do what they normally do.  I can't manage the whole operation and that isn't what I want to do anyway.  I can't help but not get involved when it comes to children and their lives especially when there is no guidance coming from home.  So much need at all levels.

The weather had a big impact on me this week and last as well.  It has been so cold and wet.  I'm tired of the mud on the road and the temps hovering around 3C every night if not lower out here on the ranch.  There seems to be some respite this weekend.  Tomorrow the temps will climb to 23C during the day but with chilly nights around 7C.   Still too cold.  Oh well, the day will come when we can truly travel with the weather.  The right weather that is.

Tomorrow we will take a 125 km trip to Bustamante, Nuevo Leon.  They have a cave system there with a modern cable car to take you to the visitor's center and a guided tour.  We are headed that way to stay at our friend's hotel.  It is her birthday and a group of about 50 people are headed out there to spend the night and have a grand celebration.  It is always a good time and their restaurant serves the best regional foods.  We were going to take the trailer but our road is still way too muddy.  Bummer.

As a side note.  I no longer post on Rv.Net in the Mexico section.   However, I do check in occasionally to see what the Mexico gurus have to say.  Today, someone posted about staying at Hacienda Contreras and the fact that they have great electric and "good" water.   Well, that didn't last long.  A guy who calls himself Rockhillmanor had to add his two cents by saying, 

"Mexico, clean water? Now that's an oxymoron! Don't think I'd be drinking any of it!".  

I swore I wouldn't post so I decided to send him a private message about how his statement is far from true.  He blocks all private messages.  Geez, I wonder why?  The guy is a jerk.  Somebody always has to kill the spirit.


  1. Glad that David and Marina had such a nice visit - of course they did you guys are super hosts! Too bad about the temps - sure wish we could send you some heat from here. We certainly have enough! What a jerk - again - why do people come to Mexico only to criticize and remain ignorant - although of course we have no proof that he does come to Mexico. Drives us crazy - right?!

  2. Glad you had such a great time with David and Marina. I hope they have a good holiday in Mexico along with some warmer temperatures.

    Can't wait to hear about these caves at Bustamante, Nuevo Leon. Sounds like something we would like. We have visited the Garcia Caves and we loved them.

    Guess this guy has never been to Hacienda Contreras before otherwise he would never have made that comment. We drank that water while we were there and yes, it was good and delicious!