Sunday, January 25, 2015

Things Rvers Usually Don't See

This is true in much of Mexico but rvers don't go to big cities and metro areas leaving them with a false impression of Mexico.  The picture below paints the Mexico that is on the move and growing.  A huge middle class, a burgeoning economy and yes that includes the recent changes in oil prices.  One false statement is that Mexico lives on Pemex.  Not true, we only pull 30% out of the oil company.  The rest comes from tax payers like myself and big businesses which pay through the nose.  If you can't read it because of the size, go to


  1. Good one Chris …. although not all RVers - right?! ;)

    1. Yep Teresa, that's why we like to show people around Monterrey. Lots to do in a big city just like in Vancouver, Ottawa, and Toronto. Wouldn't have missed them for anything. Lots of Mexican cities are modern mixed with the colonial and lots to see and do.

  2. Thanks for this post....too true...Marilyn