Saturday, January 24, 2015

Buying Certified Meat Products In Mexico

An interesting conversation with a teacher the other day led to my investigation.  The teacher works part-time as a TIF (Tipo de Inspección Federal) beef inspector.  There are TIF inspections for poultry and pork as well.  She is a veterinarian with a specialty in protein analysis.  Three days a week she leaves in the late morning to her job as a TIF inspector at a local slaughterhouse (if that's what they are still called).   She does an inspection of beef, takes samples that are then analyzed and sent down to an office located in the same plant.  This office is staffed by federal employees who work for SAGARPA ( SECRETARÍA DE AGRICULTURA, GANADERÍA, DESARROLLO RURAL, PESCA Y ALIMENTACIÓN) for a second official inspection.  Yes, SAGARPA also regulates the fishing industry as well.  

All Mexico Walmarts, HEBs, Sorianas carry TIF inspected animal products.   The logo above can be found somewhere in the meat department.  Carnicerias also carry TIF products and one of them is Carnes San Juan here in the north of Mexico.   If this is something that concerns you, ask about the TIF inspection.

My teacher friend says that they check for types of growth hormones, antibiotics, and other growth related drugs as well as to certify that the beef in this case in not another animal product such as horse which is a highly respected product here in Mexico as well.  In our area, carne seca which is used in machacado or machaca, carries the TIF label on the package.  

I thought this was interesting because we here rvers and others living in Mexico talk about the lack of sanitation and inspection of Mexican products.  This only confirms the fact that we do have meat inspection and logically so as Mexico exports beef and other animal products to the U.S of A and China among many others. 

We enjoy eating Mexican beef as it is of good quality, excellent flavor and much much less than buying imported USDA Choice from the U.S.  It also supports the Mexican economy.


  1. Thanks Chris - definitely good info. I notice that many RVers bring there own beef from Canada - yes, we have good beef there but I like the beef in Mexico also.

    1. Yep, I know lots who do and I guess it doesn't matter. But, they are missing out on the true Mexican experience which includes learning language while shopping, new vocabulary, tasting new ways of making other foods. Sure you can't find many things here in Mexico just like we can't find many things in the U.S. and Canada but you make do. Besides, what are you spending money on in Mexico? Gas and alcohol? Doesn't help the local economy very much and isolates you from Mexican culture. JMHO

  2. Just had a steak from Soriana's last night and it was delicious. 1/3 of the price of Canadian, tender and flavorful. As we are now winter travelers we no longer raise our own beef. and this is the best steak I've eaten since our grass fed beef.