Saturday, January 10, 2015

Visitors - Leave Your Cold Weather North!

We had a cold night last night.  We put an electric blanket on the bed for Marina and David but tonight feels even colder.  I'm getting out the electric heater for their bedroom.  No sense in not being comfortable.  

Juan brought home some roses to celebrate Marina's retirement which took place in December.  Does she look like a happy retiree?  I think so!

Braving the cold we headed downtown to go to the art gallery.   The downtown area was practically abandoned because of the 2C weather.   We headed out for a hot breakfast and it was delicious.  The restaurant, La Puntada, is a well-known family gathering spot.  The place was packed and the food was the best.  Service was excellent and Marina and David put their Spanish skills to work.  

This photo was taken after we had gone to the art gallery.  As you can see we were cold and made the decision just to head back home.  It was 3 p.m. anyway when we got back to the house so that meant nap time.   Not a soul in sight.

The exhibitions at the gallery were wonderful.  One exhibition featured the photography of Tina Mendotti who had also been a silent movie actress.  She arrived in Mexico after the revolution and photographed Mexico on the socialist rise.   Excellent.  We also visited the cinema exhibit which showed the beginnings of film and animation.  Very well done with small booths you could sit in with surround sound for each movie.  All were shorts and covered many countries.  I've always been fascinated and spooked at the same time to realize that all the actors in movies made over 100 years  ago have long been gone.  I could have spent more time there but it was cold in the gallery as few people showed up and I guess didn't warrant the use of the heating system.  I will go back if the weather clears up and watch some more flicks. 

Now Marina and David are fixing dinner and we are having drinks here in the living room around the Christmas tree and we are warm and snug.   (Concrete houses don't do well in extreme weather conditions, so even though it's warm in here you still feel a slight chill).


  1. You need to move to La Cruz!!! Around 86 +++here today....Juan wouldn't need a scarf and you could wear you black T's all the time!!!! Enjoy you company!!! Marilyn

  2. I meant 'your' company!! Too hot here right now!!!

    1. Hopefully this won't last but another week! Then back to the black.

  3. Oh, way too cold for us. Congratulations on your retirement Marina.