Sunday, January 18, 2015

Camping Close To Home

We were invited to a birthday party for our friend Lorena in Bustamante.  It is 135 kms north from our house to hers.   Lorena and her husband own and run the hotel there.   They put on quite a party last night.  We rented a room and spent the night.  Good thing, we left at midnight and the party continued.  

Bustamante is located on Hwy 1 between Monterrey and Nuevo Laredo.  This highway belongs to our great state of Nuevo Leon.  It's a two lane highway with no shoulder but in pretty good condition.  There are lots of towns between the two cities and they are all worth a visit along with some great boondocking.

We had done a tour of the state back in 2008 and visited all of these small towns.  It was great.  Things here are much different now and that good feeling has returned.   On our way home from Bustamante today I started working on a plan.  Instead of driving back and forth every weekend to visit again, we could just leave the trailer there and pick it up on a Friday and take off for a few days, drop it off again and head home.  All of these small towns have so much to offer.  If you cross at the Colombia bridge you just head south on Hwy 1.   Easy drive, very light traffic and you can pull out just about anywhere.

Well, the party was a gas and we there were about 50 people there.   We had drinks, then a nice buffet style dinner and then music, dancing and some party games.  We divided into teams and had a blast.  Something different that doesn't happen much anymore at parties.  

Up early, out for breakfast and then a drive up to the gates of the Grutas de Bustamante.  It was early and we needed to be home so we didn't take the tram up to the entrance or take the tour.  But it is a place we will visit again next time we come back.  Great parking area and palapas!   The Canon de Bustamante State Park is nearby and has natural springs as well as camping with palapas, restrooms and electric.


  1. Thought of you yesterday when we were at the RV show in Mercedes. Looks like we're going to miss seeing you again this trip... heading back to Glen Rose in a couple of days.

  2. Sounds like a great party. Like how those grey cells are thinking!