Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Getting Closer To 2015


Have you made any decisions on what you'll do for 2015?   We haven't and we keep throwing out ideas.   One of them is a trip to Hawaii during Spring Break.   It will be thirty years in February and we need to celebrate big.

Life on the isla continues.  The sun comes up and then the sun goes down and we are there to see all the sunsets.  All of them are magnificent and I can't say that one is better than the other.  We've seen some pretty good sunsets over the years and they're all good.   I guess we live on a pretty decent planet especially when it comes to Mother Nature.   Too bad we are the enemy that keeps messing it all up.  Well, someday I'll fix that problem.
Got up early yesterday and did my island walk.   I go to the embarcadero and sit there for about 15 minutes.   People look at me funny like "what is he waiting for?"  In fact, the woman who manages the bathrooms there made a comment about me coming everyday this last week.  I pick up on the island news just by listening.   Off I go to the other panga and sometimes the boat that was waiting at the embarcadero sees me standing at the other stop as they are arriving.  Maybe they think I'm spook.  After all, on On The Road In, I was told that I was a spy for the PRI party.   Well, my call letters are XQ 37 if anybody wants to know.  (a little humor there).  So then I head up to another panga that takes you over to the lighthouse and then a stop in to see Kevin and Ruth.  They took off this morning and Ruth got her root canal and Kevin fixed his fridge.   We'll miss them but I know our paths always cross. 
I came home and fixed huevos rancheros for Contessa, Colin and Juan.  We sat out on their patio overlooking the beach and the waves while we ate.  How many people get to do that in style everyday!  It was great and the company the best. 
After that I did the dishes, Juan went to see a teacher who was teaching a course and did some reading a nap.  Then it was time to get goin' for the big party over at the Jewell's pad.  Wonderful food, lots of people, wine, conversation, singing with guitars and yukulele.  Yes, Linda has learned to play the yukulele and it is wonderful. 
Colin sent up a lighted lantern which was very cool and we watched it go out into the night sky.   We ran over to Kevin and Ruth's to have a toddy with them and to wish them happy travels.   We ended up back at the party and had a blast.   The year is winding down and this is a good way to bring it to a close.


  1. Some people have all the fun, green with envy here! Happy new year to both of you!

  2. So glad you are having a great time! Hawaii sounds perfect! Or some deserted island some where!