Thursday, December 25, 2014

Just Doin' Beach Stuff - Mazatlan

Up early as always because I'm afraid I'll miss out on something.   I read my mail watched local news.  Pretty interesting to see what is happening on the west coast of the country from a local standpoint.

We headed across the street to the botanical gardens.  Beautiful place and very well cared for.  Gardeners were busy watering and trimming.   We walked around looking for someone who could tell us more about the place.   We like to donate to gardens like those in San Antonio, Monterrey, Saltillo and other cities where we stumble across one.   It takes quite a bit of work and dedication along with donations.  Most local governments don't find them very important but they are a good educational tool for humans.

This garden is a bit different though.  It is actually a showcase for a huge development going in on the the island that will provide homes for more than 120,000 people.  They are in the process of preparing permits for construction.  It is being billed as an eco-friendly and sustainable community that will incorporate the local ejido community here on the island.   The list is long and truly would be a jewel for Mexico but it will take years to get off the ground.  The investors are from Durango, the U.S.  and other parts of Mexico.  The designer and architect of the project is Brazilian.  Amaitlan Tierra de Descanso

After, we stopped in for a visit with Contessa and Colin before heading down the road to visit Kevin and Ruth's boondocking spot.  Very impressive and I congratulate them on finding a place on the island that is truly private and low cost.   We would stay there in the future when we return.   It has everything but electicity and I am sure that could be figured out for a long term stay with the owner of the lot.  It is gated, has bathrooms and an outdoor shower not to mention is just 100 meters from the beach and the water.   Kind of a private part of the beach.   Across the road is the marina where the cruise ships dock.   They win again!

We went for a walk around the island, stopped in at the local grocer where Ruth picked up some items for the Christmas dinner that Contessa and Colin are throwing.   Beautiful island and wonderful people everywhere.   We parted ways and each headed home.  We passed several horse-drawn wagons that show tourists who come from the mainland a bit of island life.   We kind of felt like we were on display.

Back here at the rv park, we went for a swim in the ocean and took in a bit of sun.   We could watch Colin and Contessa from our sandy beach spot along with the two dogs.   Beautiful spot to be for Christmas and we are happy to be here.   

We got together last night for a Christmas Eve happy hour.   Rae came to the party and it was the first time we met.   Lovely person and we hope to see more of her while we are on the island.   Kevin and Ruth stayed for the show; an awesome sunset and the cruise ships heading out.   After they took off we sat around the fire and Colin played his guitar while we attempted to sing along.  

A great day at the beach here in Mazatlan.   And so this is Christmas!


  1. Fun yesterday! Expecting more of the same today!

  2. Life is so good and we are blessed have a great day les

  3. Great post Chris. Interesting about the gardens and the future development. Nice that you are having such a great time for Christmas!

  4. A great night. I told Rae to test Juan's French.

  5. It was great to meet you at last!

    And Juan's French is très bon. :)

  6. So happy to have you here for an Isla Christmas.

  7. Ah, I'm really missing the Isla Christmas this year (Baja just doesn't have the same charm). Glad you guys are getting to experience it!

    I can't imagine the Isla all developed the way that developer envisions (of course, I also can't envision the road to the Isla finally being paved either)-- Joni Mitchell's Big Yellow Taxi blares in my head! But hopefully when development does finally come, it will be as thoughtful and carefully done as the developers promise.

  8. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Chris and Juan. We are totally green with envy!