Monday, December 15, 2014

I've Been Called Many Things In My Life

But I've never been called a troll or a Mexican government spy who reads Facebook.   What an insult.  I received that reply from a Mexican who lives in the U.S. and because I don't believe the current wax on Mexico's problems I am being labeled.  I'm used to being the black sheep.  In fact, I was raised to be that.  My dad taught us to question the mainstream thought, think for ourselves, ask questions and not be afraid to speak up.  

Well, I've done that recently and quite a bit since the incident of the 43 missing Normalistas in Mexico.   It is a tragedy, criminal, and one that will never be forgotten much like that of Sandy Hook.  There are two sides to everything and I prefer to see both and not quite yet make judgement.

Ex-pats can be funny characters and I am no exception.  That said, I don't destroy my host country and tout that of my origin.   It is not mine to say, determine or make change.  I am and always will be a visitor here in Mexico no matter what my status is.  

All I ask is that people look inside themselves, their country and the globe and look for themselves that Mexico isn't much different than any other place.  It is easy to point fingers.   But the drum roll gets old when it's the same beat.  "Mexico has bad roads, too many potholes, corrupt police, corrupt gas station attendants, high fuel prices, don't drink the water, sterilize  your fruits and vegetables, don't trust anyone, don't wear jewelry in public, you can't find cheddar cheese, organic peanut butter, 100 grain bread, don't look like a tourist, don't go out at night, don't drive at night.  For god's sake, stay home people if you think it is that bad.  

Today someone made praises because the peso fell to 15 to 1 claiming their pension would go further.   Good on ya, that person probably lives here because it's cheap and they can't afford to live in their own country because they didn't follow the rules there either. 

I'm finished with forums and Facebook groups.  If you want to see me, visit me, listen to me, you can find me here but not there.   You can't change Mexico or its  culture.  As Contessa says, "it is what it is".  As my dad used to tell me and I took him up on his offer and everyone has a right to, "love it or leave it".  


  1. Good post Chris - very well written. Man - so true - right!? I only read with half an eye on that Facebook group now because many who write are very irritating in their ignorance. Your fourth paragraph there is just right. It is what it is - embrace it or don't visit - pretty easy. We are glad we haven't missed Mexico because of all the trash talk.

    1. Ha! I just read the thread you are referring too! Crazy! Imagine some of them in the same room!

  2. I also quit FB and I think your writing and thoughts are that exactly yours.....and I usually agree with is way too short...right on Chris!!!!

  3. Well then , I guess we shall have to visit then, very soon!
    Well spoken Chris
    David/ Marina

  4. Yes, 'it is what it is' and I am so glad I call Mexico home five months of the year. One of my joys in life is introducing this country to new people.