Thursday, December 11, 2014

Preparing For Mazatlan

It won't be a winter get away by any means but a couple of weeks at the beach is good enough considering we were gone for four months this year.  We've never been to a west coast beach with the rv so this a first.  Contessa and Colin made it to their winter digs on the Isla de Piedra which is our destination.

It has rained now for over 10 days nonstop but it has been a drizzling rain.  I haven't done much to the rv and it needs a good wash and wax.  I am hoping  a guy up the road can wax the front cap for me.  It has oxidized to the point where I couldn't get a good shine on it.  

Everything is in working order so it is just a matter of packing a few clothes and off we go.  We were going to McAllen but we cancelled that trip.  Lack of communication and we got our wires crossed on days of the week.  Not a big deal, I ordered a new true sine wave inverter so we can use the electric blanket but I doubt we will need it.   I recently changed out the gas line hoses to the tanks and did some cleaning.   Other stuff from McAllen can be purchased here at a slightly higher price but with the exchange rate the way it is now and the cost of the trip it will be cheaper here.

Contessa squared away our reservations.  I had called and made the initial reservation but not knowing the park very well I waited for her to arrive and finalize things.   Here are some pics of where we will be.   Keep in mind this is facing toward the back of the park so looking to the front would be the ocean.  

Can't wait to see them again.  Remember I was under the weather when we were at their place and it was a bit of a bummer for them so I am hoping they have more fun with us.  


  1. Sounds like there are a few parties in you future.

  2. Guess we'll miss seeing you again... we were in Mazatlan last week and will probably head to the McAllen area next week. Oh well... we'll catch up one of these days.

  3. We'll see you there. No idea where we'll stay, but we'll find somewhere to park. And it won't be at $30 USD per night!

  4. Ummm Chris, you are on the other side of that wee trailer ( can you believe that someone fulltimes in that, so far 3.15 years ). Bring cooling fans, not heat :))

  5. Kevin, I have no idea where you are getting the 30.00 per nite price??? day you will be here to join us :)